Sunday, 30 January 2011

OWOH 2011! Her we go!!!

Hello dear blog friends, old and new.

Today has started our wonderful journey fot the 5th and last OWOH event hosted by Lisa Swifka.

What an amazing idea!

Now that you have landed on my little planet, I am going to tell you a little story and if you are kind enough to leave a comment here, you might even win one of the characters of the( very) short tale that begins right now...

there was a young girl who just loved to have fun!

But the only place where she could go to enjoy herself was the local fair where she use to buy some of her favourite treats.

She kept on dreaming that one day she could go to a bal.

A masquerade!

The sweet little thing didn't have a mask to go to such a grand party.

She was on her own wondering how she could go to a bal and maybe make new friends

all of a sudden a wonderful lady with a mask appeared near her .

The young girl asked if she could borrow the mask from her so she could go to the bal.

The lady ( who was a Fairy) made some magic and...


( yes this is a very modern tale)

a beautiful mask appeared !

The pretty girl and the beautiful Fairy became great friends and had lots of Tequila and had great fun at the bal !


My point is not that dolls just wanna have fun and drink Tequila , ok?

My point IS:

Do you want to win this little dolly with her brand new mask ?

Well ,just leave a comment here and I will draw a name on the 17th February!

Sooooooo easy!!!

For those who don't know me:

Here is a photo .

I am not sad on this photo, I am deeeeeeeeeeeeeep in my thoughts!

I am a doll artist, story teller and big daydreamer.

For those who know me:

Look! I have brushed my hair today! Yes, I do make efforts for very special occasions.


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Update 18-02-11

Please do not comment anymore as this giveaway is finished now.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A Diary!!!

Dear friends,

today I have discovered a diary!!!

It seems that it belonged to a little girl whose name was Marie Dedieu.

I am so ...oh...I think there are no words to describe what I feel.

A photo has just fallen on the floor .

It feels like I know them...a bit like old friends that you find again...

I cannot wait to read all that is inside even though it seems that a little voice keeps on whispering " It's a secret!".
I have got to read it!

I have put a little red ribbon around it so no more photos can fall from the diary.

I will return to you as soon as I will know more.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Pyjama Day

He!he! Hellooooooo there!

Yes! this is me...IN BED!

I've had the laziest Sunday ever!!! There was a laptop in the house... giving it back tomorrow though... :-(

So, I have decided to spend an absolute guilt free lazy Sunday in my pjs ! And you know what?
It was HEAVEN!
I have been busy busy like a bee lately.
I have had a busy week,visiting the animals at the rescue centre, doll making , photo taking, giving calls ( boring business stuff)...planning projects,

...OOoh I have even taken some great portraits of a good friend of mine: Angélique.

Isn't she pretty?

I think she is absolutely gorgeous!

I have also started teaching again.
So much pleasure to be back with mini ones again!
But today was an absolute lazy pjs day!

YES! This is me! shameless in my super not sexy outfit but OH Sooooooooooooooooo warm and comfy!

Does it happen to you too?
Well, it is Sunday anyway!
I have visited many blogs with great pleasure and
have let my mind wonder trying to think of what I will do with all the beautiful ribbons sent by my blog friend Sans.

I have a little idea though...

Oh what a wonderful day!
I hope you do take time to relax sometimes.
Please, tell me you do!
CARPE DIEM dear blog friends.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Orphans in a tree

Do you like trees? Did you use to climb on top of the biggest branch when you were little?
This was one of my favourite games when I was a little girl!
So many good memories...
After days of rain, the sun has finally decided it was time to put an end to this endless hide and seek game.
So I decided to go out and take some photos of trees. Even in the Winter there is something so noble about them.
The rays of the sun looked like gold covering the bark.
It was magical!

Then the reflection of the sun seemed like little drops of silver shining in the light.The ground had so much to drink that it decided to spit out all that it couldn't swallow.
The field looked more like a swamp! And...
Can you see?
In the branches!!!!
Look!!! It looks like pieces of a photo.

So I rushed back home to find out.
And this is what I found.
(yes..ha!ha! I am wearing a Yeti jumper!)

Big sigh...
another photo...

One of the little girls already appears on a photo previously found.
There are two names at the back:

Solange & Marie...
These are French names!

There is also a date:1940
I wonder how many more photos are out there?
It feels like Mother Nature is trying to tell me a little piece of History...

Monday, 17 January 2011

Valentine's Day & Jasmine

Hello dear blog friends,

I hope you've been fine since the last time.

I have to confess that I have been busy making lots of dolls lately and I am having a wonderful time!
I have been working on Valentine's Day dolls!!

OOoooooooooooOOOOh!!! LOVE IS IN THE AIR!

These little sweeties are mainly available on custom orders and You can choose their hair colour!
I usually make 2 so people can decide which one they prefer.

I think it is always nice to have a choice.Don't you?

And this is the special Valentine's Day packaging!

Pink tissue paper, in French we call it Papier de Soie(= Silk paper), AND red velvet ribbon.

Isn't it romantic?

If you feel like adopting one, just have a look in the boutique!

I have also prepared a new doll for this month's challenge on ADO.

I have chosen to make a cat. I simply love them and spend hours cuddling them at the rescue centre. One of them is called Jasmin and she is extremely shy but we have become "good friends". She is all white.How I love her! In fact...I love them all!( and also the dogs AND the pigs)

This was a "work in progress" photo


She is an angel!

A mother hen for all lost living creatures.

So far she has adopted a few mice, a puppy and here ...LOOK!

She has sheltered a little bird in her basket.