Friday, 29 July 2011

News from the front

Hi everyone,

I am writing to you from a battlefield.

Things have been hectic lately.

There has been ups and downs, it was like beeing on a giant roller coster


I am still standing and have kept my head high.


I have chosen not to live in fear, nor panic ( this is when disaster occurs) and focus on the positive things that are around me like:

* Doll making which is such a complex but very therapeutic activity.

* I have focused on cute things

*Funny things!

* The wonderful company of children who always bring sunshine with their ideas and giggles

* And also goOOOoOod things !!!


It has helped a lot, believe me.

And you know what?

In the end, I found PEACE.

So, if you feel like your life is a bit like a jumble ( I think it is English, isn't it?) well, as long as you can, try to focus hard on the positive things.

If you can't, talk to a friend, share your worries, you can even write to me!

Life is too short my dear friends.

Hope this will help some of you.


PS: Have you noticed? I don't cough anymore!!!( giggles)

Love to all.

Monday, 18 July 2011

I am a mum!!!!

...ok am actually a foster mum is for pets but still, a mum is a mum...hmmm?


So, let me introduce you to (cough!COUGH!cough) Taz.

As you can see on the picture below, he has some hearing problems . After 2 weeks with us , Taz feels totally at home.

This adorable dog is 14 , he has a heart condition and suffers from arthritus ( is it how to spell it???)

He is way too old to stay at the kennel of the rescue centre which is why we are fostering him.

Since he's been with us, he has been ( cough!!!!!COUGH!) very calm and hasn't bitten for ages ( sign of pain or just warnings). He even goes for little walks which are getting longer ( when it is not raining ).His fur is getting very shiny. His walk has improved as he has lost some weight ( more exercise....I should do the same...).

I absolutey love this mini one! He is a very sweet little thing.

Meanwhile, I have been catching up with doll making and custom orders.


This doll is available on my shop

This one , with the blue dress, is Bitha, a custom doll made for a very sweet doll collector who is happy to show her beautiful collection and her own artwork here. I have tried to make the doll look a bit like her.

I have also opened some workshops for the summer to boost children's creativity!

We are having so much ( cough! cough!COUGH! cough!!!) fun!!!

On another note, my health is improving but I still have this bad


But... am alive!!!

Always look on the bright side of life!

hu!hu!hu!hu ( this is supposed to be me whistling...)

Wonna hear the real stuff?

Ok, it is right here

Bye ( cough) for now!!!

I hope to hear from you all very soon.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

To be 3

Hi dear friends,

firts of all a MASSIVE thank you for all your lovely words. I am getting better and getting some energy.

Today, my little doll Aliénore and I have been invited to a birthday party.

Emma ( who is in the slideshow in the previous post) was celebrating her 3rd birthday.

The garden was like an absolute Wonderland. I thought I should share some of the photos taken today.

It is such a pleasure to take photos of children when they are having fun

I hope you will enjoy!

In fact, next year for my birthday, I will ask Emma's mum to organise my birthday party .

ooh...yes!!! That's a good plan...

(and I will wear a little pink tutu...SUPER great plan!!!!!!!!!!)

Friday, 1 July 2011

My little nurses and lost followers

Am really not well at the moment . Have caught a bad chest cold after a short stay at hospital.I have lost my voice too...ah...well....fortunately, my whole army of mini nurses is with me.

It is soooooooooooooooo therapeutic to create things. Doll making really takes my mind to another place, but if I start to get grumpy ( yes it happens more than you can imagine!) and that I see no lovely image in my head, I just put the doll away and relax. I don't like to work if I don't feel happy.

Her are some dolls I have been working on lately for my Etsy or for custom orders.

This is Morella or "The Widow"

(inspired by the very talented Benjamin Lacombe)

I will try to work a bit more with this head shape in the future.

Below is my Marie-Antoinette. She is ALMOST finished.

And let me introduce you to Greta the little black & white doll who loves her Chanel shoes!

The photo below is a little doll I made for a customer whose favourite colour is eggplant!
I love her little profile with her round cheeks.

There is also something else that REALLY bugs me:

I have lost my followers!!

Well, not really LOST but, I cannot see you my dear friends!

I first thought it was a temporary thing but now it has almost been 2 months!

If you know what to do...