Saturday, 30 January 2010

Locked story

Not so long ago, someone wrote to me :
"I am waiting for your next fairy tale".
You see...I think the story is still making its way through my mind.It is here somewhere inside...I think it is in a little room of my head that is still locked.

I just need to find the key that will set it free.

Winter has been long and unusually cold. I lack a bit of energy.

But when night comes sometimes ,something magical happens... I remember...I remember that when I was a little girl I used to run in the fields .
I tried to catch blue butterflies, those with the pearly wings.
And then my whole spirit becomes a butterfly .
I become Papillon Bleu.

Go! little Papillon! Go spread your wings and go find the key that will unlock the door behind which is hiding a little story...

Keep on dreaming...

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Comments problem sorted!!!

Dear friends, I know some of you have seen my SOS and I thank you for your support.
The SOS message has now been deleted once my problem was sorted.PHEW!
I know some of you have tried several times to leave a comment in vain so now, please, feel free to express yourself.Woohoo!

You know, it is sooooooooo nice to see a name I know amongst this ocean of new names.

So don't hesitate.It is like...seeing a friend in the middle of a crowd...silly, isn't it?

Thank you again to those who have offered their support.
Still have lost my banner though...another mystery...
Click on the picture to access the OWOH giveaway


Sunday, 24 January 2010

One World One Heart this is the day to reveal my giveaway!

(Petit mot en français à la fin de ce message)

My mind has been floating very high lately. Just like Peter Pan, I wanted to cling to

happy thoughts to be able to fly.I wished I could grab this balloon and go very far.

I wished it really hard.Then some words came to my mind like Pommes d'Amour and Fairy Floss...

So, once my spirits were lifted, ideas started popping and buzzing and dancing in my mind .
And the fever of creativity started to shake my body , my hands started grabbing the scissors,glue, and brushes.

This is how this little thing slowly appeared before my very eyes.Yes, it is little(14cm...) but big enough to make me smile .

So I went to play a little with it outside. I remember ,it was on a cold and snowy day...
(remember to pause the music from the sidebar before clicking on play...)

And guess what? You will also have a little surprise with it!

If you haven't got a clue because you are new here, just have a look at what I've been creating lately...I have found a way to put dreams in a box...

Can't show is a surprise... unless you insist I might show you but...another day!he!he!Today I will keep it as a mystery.

Ready? Live a message with a link to your blog so I can contact you.OK?


The winner will be revealed on the 15th February 2010.

Les francophones qui passent par ici sont toujours plus que bienvenu(e)s! Si vous souhaitez gagner la petite mongolfière et la petite boîte surprise, laissez moi un petit mot ici avec un lien vers votre blog pour que je puisse vous contacter si vous avez été tité(e) au sort!

Elle est pas belle la vie?

Goood Luck! Bonne Chance!

Update 31/01/10

It seems that some of you cannot watch the video so have no idea of what the first prize is:


+ the surprise box for just ONE person.OK?

Friday, 22 January 2010

Thank YOU!

(photo from the Puppet Barge )

I've been busy like a little bee this week and that's how every week should be.

I've ben doing more little theatres for my little boutique or friends and now I just want to make more and more because it has become quite addictive and a tiny obsession .Do you have this feeling sometimes or am I ...weird?

I've been thinking a lot about my previous artistic career lately. Not being regretful at all... maybe a little nostalgic to be true. It is a piece of me anyway.I also think that here on this blog, it is a bit like being on stage again...Each time I write a post, it is like a little preparation, a rehearsal.Then, when I press on "publish ", the show is about to start.The audience is waiting (apart that I can go back and change a bit of this, a bit of that...).
Doing the French extending post for our French week was just a real delight I've got to say.
We were a troup of comedians all adding our personal touch day after day.I wasn't alone anymore! What a pleasure!
So, let me take a bow and thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart my dear friends.
You made it a very very special post.

THANK YOU...or should I say

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


This is just a slideshow I've made recently with the little theatres .You've already seen them but this is our interlude between our French week post and my OWOH giveaway.

One is in the dolls' bedroom, one has been offered to the lovely lady who's adopted our little Princess & the Pea on Etsy , one is on its way to someone who likes mushrooms and the last one is in the boutique . I just cannot wait to make more. It just fills me with joy to create and I feel like spreading sparkles of happiness all around the world.

(I recommend to pause the music in the sidebar before playing this...unless you want to keep the music from the sidebar...then pause the music from the video. The effect is cute. Or, try this experiment:try both and see which music you prefer. OR...try to play both musics at the SAME TIME and see how long you can stand it!)

There is a clue about what my giveawy will be in this slideshow.

No...not theatre...something else...

(Reminder: our French post is still growing if you have noticed! and some of you are still preparing something. Now we also have Norway and New Zealand.)

I love Blogland!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

French Week on this blog

Just a quick note to let you know that the previous post " The 100th follower is French Just like me. Shall we have a French post altogether?" is extending with your comments and beautiful photos, miniatures etc... about France.

Our 100th follower is French so I thought it would be a nice way to celebrate .

So far we have participants from Italy, Spain, France,Canada, United States, Tasmania and England.

Feel free to join in! it is good fun ...I am also ever so pleased that no one has mentioned this horrible cliché:

Thursday, 14 January 2010

The 100th follower is French just like me. Shall we have a French post altogether?

Oh my God! 100 followers already!


Thank you!

The 100th person to have landed on my little daydreamer planet is ARTYCHO. She is French and just like me lives in England.She makes wonderful things and once again, her blog is worth stopping by!It is written both in French and in English.

Speaking of France...I was wondering... it would be nice if each of you ,if you are happy to do so, could prepare a little something to show us what France is to you.If you want to make a picture or just leave a comment that I could post here, or something French in your mini house or...I don't know...anything!

What is France to you?

Just let me know here on this post that you've done something on your blog and I will post it here with a link to your blog.

It would be a nice tribute to Artycho and I who are no longer living in our country.

Meanwhile let's meditate , think, concentrate and meet here once we are ready...

I will add what you have prepared as we go along, here on this post, until the 25th of January.

Let tHe paRty bEgiN!

You can click on the names below to visit their blogs:

"being made to stand at the airport in Paris on our way to England when I was one because my mum had too many bags to carry (only trip to France as a child and this one I don't remember), two wonderful visits to Paris as a adult (including looking in a doll shop), French motorways whilst travelling to Germany (and St Malo) and enjoying the delicious food on the way and the smoothness of the road surface compared to British motorways, a lovely afternoon on the beach near Calais with my family, a glorious 10 days caravanning at St Malo, 1 night at Dijon... one day soon we will return to enjoy France again." Dollmum

"For me France is sophisticated, glamorous, full of colors and tastes wonderful.I was lucky enough to spend my honeymoon in Paris, and I have returned a couple of times with my children to visit Eurodisney and enjoy its magic."Tink- Sonia


(I chose to illustrate Jojo Cramel's vision of France)

Un café noir du matin boulevard Saint-Germain, la baguette chaude et croustillante, les vendeurs de journaux à la criée, Jean-Paul Gaultier, et les pâtisseries de chez Hermé, Ladurée, Angelina...from JOJO CARAMEl

"OH! là!là!" from Artycho ;-)

The 16/01/10

Dear readers, let me explain this picture found on a very lovely blog:

only a French person could have added such a detail in a dolls'house...this is SOOOOOOOOOOO French: apéritif!!but we say " L'apéro" and Ricard and Pastis are two of the drinks that epitomise this very French tradition.We have it with things to nibble such as saucisson or olives as represented on this miniature of a French provencial house.The perfect time for l'apéro is about 6:30 -7:00pm

There is a post with many more pictures of very French miniatures representing Paris and Provence. A real delight to visit if you love France.So, go visitTOM POUCE who is participating in this special post.

The picture below comes from...guess who? guess who?

Linda the very charming owner of La Petite Maison( don't know if you remember but I mentioned it HERE ). She has accepted to play a little with us and presents her own vision of France on her beautiful blog Une Petite Folie

Below a photo from Karin Corbin Miniature

"Romantic,Beautiful,Chic,Macarrons, Marie antoinette." Arantxa

17 January

Rosanna has published a beautiful post about France.This is just a teaser...for more, go to

"France for me is about romance, art, wine, beauty , fashion, fine design, archtecture, history, literature, music,joie de vivre, "strength of knowing whom each individual is", fine food and all that is so very fine, exceptional and lovely!!.., "She" holds a romantic allure in my mind, like no other European country!!" Silken Purse

"I love France and this is why: Perfection, romance, style, and history. I love the fashion in clothes and the interior style, the small cafes, the food, the country side, the buildings, and Paris. I would like to know more about the hidden treasures that only a "frenchie" would know about." Christel Jensen ( who's just come back from Paris and has lots and lots of beautiful pics from her last trip on her blog)

18 Janvier 2010

Mercedès has prepared a beautiful post about France on her blog.I just couldn't decide which picture to choose!On the photo below what you see are delightful miniatures!


The participant below is EVA from Mini Escenas y Manualidades who lives close to France and has prepared a post full of pictures from Languedoc .If you don't know this region (I've never been there to be honest!), the photos she has posted just make you want to go.

19 Janvier

The photos below have been sent to me by Camille who has no blog (yet) but who lives in this beautiful mountain region of Grenoble in France.Camille is also the lady who has adopted The Princess&The Pea, so now we know in what fairy land the little doll lives now.WOW!

Below...Geneviève's miniatures and her little Nina( I am a huge fan of Nina and Lucie) presenting a post that has almost brought tears to my eyes...the French school did it to me.So many souvenirs...the France I know is here on her blog: Miniacollection

"...I have no idea if any of the things that pop into my head are close to being accurate..." says my sweet Kim, but do you want to know what were those things that suddenly popped into her head? It is a post full of tenderness at FLOWERS & ART

20 Janvier

Gemma has beautiful photos from a trip to France to share at Un Mon de Fades

A very unexpected post from someone who has decided to share souvenirs from when she was an au pair in France.
Do you think you know who it is? Are you very nosy and do want to discover who it is?
Just click on the picture below!

21 Janvier
Woohoo! we have Germany today!
Anna says "My heart strikes faster and I get goose skin if I remember on..." . If you want to learn about what has such an effect on her, go to her blog at Schneewalski

OWOH ... swaps and a farewell party.

On the 25th (and not the 15th as I said on a previous post) will be starting the One World One Heart event hosted by A Whimsical Bohemian. If you click on the OWOH ticket on the barside you will be transfered to her blog with explanation about the event if you also want to participate . If you just want to win something, well, just wait the 25th and I will then reveal my giveaWaY and tell you how to win it.Don't worry it will be extreeeeeeeeeeeeemely simple.

Before the end of last year, I fell in love with a little doll.The very sweet lady who creates them is called Alicia.A very talented little fairy maker who deserves to have more visits on her blog.She's French but understands English. I know she likes Papillon Bleu universe very much so I asked if I could swap the doll with her.Which she accepted.I was more than delighted.It wasn't too difficult to convince her anyway, all I had to do was :

I won't show you what I've sent her.It is a surprise.It is something that was precious to my heart but I sent it to someone special so no regret...

I have also finished a little doll for a very special little girl called Liberty. Who doesn't know Liberty? A lovely happy little blond girl who's mother Mercedes makes the most delicate
miniatures. OF COURSE you know who I am talking about!
If not click here

The doll is still home at the moment because the ladies in red of the house wanted to prepare a little farewell party.Strawberry Shortcake was in charge of the cakes so no suprise: strawberry cakes for everybody!

Her name is Ruby.Red is her favourite colour.

The picture below was taken after one of the ladies in red offered her a lovely red ribbon to put around her little neck.She was extremely proud to have this picture taken.