Wednesday, 25 May 2011

TRAILER of the book (video)

Ladies and gentlemen....(drum roll) is the trailer of the book!

The book will be ready to order on Friday (YAY!!!!!)

I will update this post once the copies are at home.

But now, here is the preview just for you.

Hope you like it.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Let's Show Our Working Space (to update with your own pics!)

(Please, feel free to use the photo above if you wish to create a link to this post)

Today, I am happy to present my working space. Yes, the little corner from which I am writing this very moment..

What hit me recently, on Cyber Land is the similarities that some of us have in our displays or, the amount of objects we like to gather around us. Source of inspiration?


Check by yourslef! You can see, Sylvie's place

or Evangelione's .

Vanessa's studio is a wonder!


Shall we share our photos here?

Just send your photos to me and I will be happy to add them here with your link!

(It will also help me be patient before I know what...)


Check out the extraordinary efforts of the very talented and ever so honest Casey who is doing her own version of "Clean House" ! at Casey's minis blog ( good luck, it took me 2 days to tidy up mine)

If you like The Doll& The Pea, here is where she creates her little marvels!(according to what Alicia has told me, I think this is a very unusual photo...just like mine!!!)


I have to confess that I have had a big crush on this studio.

Check more at Rose Minuscule.

Below, see how Jan from The Hermit's Garden sorts out her paint and ribbons!



Would you resist the explosion of colours of Christine's studio? Have you ever seen jars so neetly in line on a shelf?

Is this the key to the flawless work of an artist?

Christine shares magnificent pics of her working space here at Du Buh Du Designs

So, who's next?

Unless you have already planned to send a photo but it is taking a little longer than you thought to tidy up...I don't blame you.

By the way, our dear Casey has made tremendous progress since the last time.Check it out! it is HERE.

I am super impressed!


22nd May 2011


This is the sort of studio that just makes my mind wonder. I just love the blue on the walls and all the minis on the shelves. Not to mention the captivating colours that surround Geneviève
I love busy shelves, wherever you look, there is something new to discover. I find it stimulating.

This is where Geneviève collects and creates her extraordinary minis. Just check at

Geneviève's Miniacollection and say hello to Nina and Lucie from me!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Giveaway for Aliénore's 2nd Birthday!!!

Hello everyone!

Do you remember Aliénore's birthday party last year?

Oh my..this was so much fun!

I don't tire of watching this again and again just check HERE if you haven't seen it yet)

This is when she started having a thing for fashion and not any sort, she likes Haute Couture...(great... maybe she thinks I am a wealthy doll mum or something...)

Well, this year, we have a drawing contest, everything is explained in French AND in English on AliénorE's Facebook page (you can click on the photo below)

If you don't have a Facebook page, feel free to send your drawings before the 21st ( when we will reveal our winner and PARTY!!!) directly to me.

What do you win?

1st prize is a custom made...ALIENORE!!!

2nd prize is a signed book of The Orphans of Sainte Cécile ( by the way, a CD is included with the book if you don't already know)


3rd prize is a set of Papillon Bleu UK postcards.

How to enter?

Any Facebook friend of Aliénore can post their drawing on Aliénore's page.

If you don't have a Facebook account, you can contact me directly here.

The drawing with the most "LIKEs" will win the first prize and so on .

It is open to adults AND children!


Good luck to everyone.

(sorry am still slow at visiting everyone back, trying my best though)

Friday, 6 May 2011

New stuffS , more stuffS and little book stuffS!

Yes, I like to add an S to stuff when there are several! I still don't understand why stuff can never be stuffS...anyway...ZEES EEZ not Ze point I would like to discuss right now.

First, I have decided to make a fresh start I mean...pamper myself a little and stuffs like that. So, had a bit of a hair trim and went shopping. Found great stuffs!

As it felt good to have a bit of Spring clean etc, I chose to redesign my website with stuffS like ZEES

Also, I am happy to announce that the little book's proof has arrived!

Happy dance!

Still one or two things to edit and WOOSH!!!!!!!!!! The final product will be on its way!

In fact, there is still one ...OOOoooOOoooOPS!!! No I cannot tell will discover once the book is out.

So, here is the proof.

I open a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit!

And a little bit more!!!

ZE rest EEZ a secret.


I wish you all a happy weekend my dear friends!

Sorry again if I didn't take time to visit everybody ... yet !

I will as soon as possible!

PS: Don't miss the drawing competition on Alienore's Facebook page!