Monday, 30 August 2010

Australia Part One:We saw Heaven! (the trip)

Hi everyone! we're back from the other end of the world! We hope you had a great holiday. Our short stay in Australia was full of lovely surprises and there has been so many photos taken that we are going to show it to you in 3 parts.:The trip, walking in Sydney and the wedding.

At Heathrow airport, we heard a very strange noise in the hand luggage. It was Rosy! she didn't want us to leave without her so she managed to hide in a bag! Surprise!Aliénore was over the moon!

Then we got on the plane. Once up in the sky, we discovered what Heaven looked like! Unfortunately, we saw no angels.

Aliénore couldn't stop looking at the clouds and the tiny landscape. She was wondering how many dolls were living down there as she suddenly realised how big the world was.

The dolls had an immense success amongst the crew who took great care of them all along the 23hour long journey.

On the plane we were sitting next to Trudy and Jeremy who were going to Australia to get married. They were such wonderful travel companions. They always kept a good eye on us and even helped us find stuff that we let fall down on the floor or slip under the seat. Jeremy had a pocket lamp and it was soooooo handy! Trudy was very funny and thought Aliénore looked very cute in her dress.

Then, after about 11hours trip, we arrived in Thailand.

Aliénore is showing the position of the plane on her individual screen.We had a big big thought for all the blog friends who live around this part of the world.

Rosy couldn't believe her eyes!

We didn't stay very long in Bangkok.
Long enough to admire the beautiful orchids.
It was very hot and humid.

Then back to the plane. We took off and after 9 long hours, we arrived in Australia.
At last!

It was hard to say whether it was morning or evening. The dolls felt sleepy all the time.
They fell asleep at one in the afternoon as their little eyes could no longer stay open.

There is no word to describe what I felt when I saw my sister at the airport. After 5 looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong years, we were reunited again.
Ok...on the photo below, we don't look happy but, he!he! this is one of the numerous pics we took trying hard to look like superstars! If we had had recorded an album, the cover might exactly look like this!

Life is such a strange thing...

Tomorrow, the dolls and I will be happy to tell you about Sydney.

It is nice to be back on Blogland dear blog friends.
Hope you are all fine.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Meeting a blog friend part 3 and a goodbye

Aliénore was quiet in the car on our way to Rochester wondering whether Geneviève was going to like her little Dior dress.
She took her red baloon with her as it was her favourite you see.

At Rochester, here was Geneviève waiting for us!
It was so nice to see her in the flesh and the moment she gave us a big smile, it felt like meeting an old friend.

(Here she is in front of Dickens' chalet)

Aliénore tried to impress her with her balloon.Geneviève was happy to play with her.

At many occasions, the little doll asked " is she a princess?" as she was very impressed by the length of Geneviève's beautiful hair.

(In front of the castle)

Then we had fun taking some photos in the park.

Geneviève played with Aliénore again. The little doll was so happy to have so much attention.
It was nice to see them get on well and laugh together.

They had a stroll in the streets of Rochester.

Later on, it was time to part. Aliénore and I were a bit sad as we had spent such a wonderful time with our friend.

So, the little doll decided to give her red baloon to Geneviève. In a doll's world it means that they like you a lot you see. And indeed, Aliénore did like Geneviève very much.
Here are beautiful presents from Geneviève:

A notepad for Aliénore

A beautiful table cloth . A wonderful contribution to the tea parties to come!

And a delightful set to create stories with shadows.

Aliénore was over the moon but still a bit sad that this lovely time had had to end.
If you pop to England, please let us know, we would be so pleased to share some time with you.
We hope you are having a fantastic time wherever you are and whatever you are doing.
It is time for us to say goodbye as we are soon flying to the other end of the world to celebrate a wonderful event.

We will be happy to tell you all about it when we are back.
Let's meet again in September ,shall we?
By then,
Keep on dreaming dear blog friends!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Meeting a blog friend Part 2 (a lot going on so please bear with us!)

Aliénore is in an incredible mood! She has spent the whole day playing with her friends with colourful baloons!

She has also been very specific about something: she wants to look like a princess. Not only because we are meeting a blog friend in the flesh but because we are going to a wedding!

In a few days, dear blog friends, Aliénore and I are flying to AUSTRALIA!
We are going to my adorable sister's wedding.
You know what? it has been 5 years since I have last seen my sister. I will have a lot to blog about when I am back.

I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

Aliénore is also very proud to announce that she has now her own Facebook page where you will be able to see averything about her. Please become a fan of the page, she will be over the moon.

Tomorrow we are going to Rochester to meet Geneviève from Miniacollection! How exciting!!!! Have never met a blog friend in the flesh before!
I will update this post tomorrow night to share this moment .

So, will you please bear with us?

oh...and before I forget...Aliénore has been acting very strangely this last days until I found out that she secretely helped Edward ( the garden gnome) go to France to meet another blog friend...I have no idea of what is going to happen to him in the weeks to come.

I hope he is fine this very moment...