Sunday, 21 March 2010

Aliénore goes to Angers

Last week I had to go to France to sort out boring adult stuff. I asked Aliénore if she wanted to travel with me.

"Angers? Angers? Is this a place full of angry people?"she asked.

So I explained that this was the name of my home town that I hadn't seen for a whole year . "You don't pronounce Angers as in angry but as in angel (Angers=anjé)"I corrected.

So Aliénore decided she would travel with me and was very excited to go to France for the very first time.

She was so excited to go on the Eurostar.

And 2 hours later we were in Paris in a taxi going to another station where we had to catch another train.

We drove past the Louvres and the glass Pyramid. Aliénore insisted that I took this picture to show you because she loves art so much.

Once at Montparnasse, Aliénore had been such a good doll that she was rewarded with a little ride on a carousel.

Then we jumped on the train and 1 hour and 30 minutes later we were in my beloved town.

An exhibition of Nikki de Saint Phalle at the Museum of Arts.

Something weird in the window of an art gallery.

Here is the gigantic medieval chateau of Angers ( built in 1230).

This is La Maison d'Adam( built circa 1500), and on the other picture you can see a very naughty detail that made Aliénore laugh a lot."Take a picture!" she said.She still can't stop giggling when she looks at this photo...naughty Aliénore!

Well, we just stayed 2 days, but it was the best 2 days I had in a loooooong time!How good it was to see my beautiful town again.But even good things have to end sometimes and we had to go back to England where my new life is.

Then, once back in England, there were 2 surprises waiting for me, a bad one and a good one:

1)-My adorable cat had decided it was time to fall asleep and never wake up again.Maybe she knew we were in Angers and wanted to be part of the angel town.She was going to be 18.The greatest cat in the world! (won't talk too much about her...)

2)-Edward ( thanks for the name KIM!) couldn't wait to show us what he discovered in the garden:


Life goes on...

Monday, 8 March 2010

Alice OUR film the LAUNCH!!!

Dear blog friends,
it is with great delight that I am introducing you to OUR own version of Alice in Wonderland.
I have got to say that I have been through many troubles filming this as I had to make several changes as you were sending me your pictures.
I've almost broken my camera, I have torn my skirt, got scratched and had to wait and wait and wait for the weather to be good to be able to go out.

I have been amazed by all the fantastic ideas and work that you have all put into this Alice in Wonderland theme.
After watching this film, Tim Burton's version will seem very boring to you (he!he!)
So , this is it:
it is 8.30 pm in England time for the red carpet.

I hope you will enjoy the show!

Now, time to go and discover much more on everybody's blog:

Jojo Caramel ( and her "Drink Me" bottle)

Flowers &Art ( She made the extraordinary mini white rabbit)

My Curious Tea party (thank you Julie for the beautiful box you've sent. Julie has also created the Queen of Hearts art doll and the little doll with the rabbit at the end)

Juliet K( who made the fabulous needle felted Chesire cat on his branche)

Karin ( made the absolutely astonishing 1/4th scale rabbit in the tea pot)

A Pink Dreamer (who sent the lovely drawing of the Queen who wants to chop off Alice's head.)

Vanessa oraganised a Alice in Wonderland Valentine's Party and has been so kind to send me the photos. Discover more on her blog!

Geneviève from Miniacollection who has made the exquisite mini rabbit playing in the grass with Nina.

Laurence from Couleurs et Gourmandises who has made a lovely Pink Alice doll (and had trouble finding her watercolours to paint the background)

Faustine&Coquelicot who has made the Alice doll sitting on the book .

Lize (yeeeees!!! you did it on time!) who has made the most faniscating miniature Wonderland garden party shown at the very end of the film.

Tite belle soeur toute seule who made the beautiful blue collage of Alice.( paaaaardoooooon pour l'oubli............)

Thanks to all! I think we deserve this:

Monday, 1 March 2010

It's happened!

There are signs of Spring in the garden!

Even the mini garden gnome was happy to discover the crocuses.

He felt the urge to serve tea on his favorite toadstool.

Mister gnome was very happy indeed and enjoyed the feeling of the sunshine on his little cheeky happy face.

By the way...I think it is time this gnome had a name.

Any idea?