Monday 9 April 2018

And so 4 years passed

(My dear Evelyn...)

4 years have passed since my last post here...4 years...
4 years of being so busy commuting to London  that I completely neglected what was once a great source of fun and creativity.

You probably think I am being dramatic but to be honest, working in London is quite an adventure but it has a price to pay: your energy, time and money. If like me you have to commute 2 solid hours each way well you probably get the idea...

With no surprise, as a result , I had too little time to be creative . So I opened an Instagram account about 3 years ago. I found it easy to let burst the creative flow. You can find my account if you click here . Unless you are actually visiting from there and I do thank you for popping on the blog. Merci!

I worked for over a year in Oxford Street in a big department store (hated it) and spent over 2 years in the mesmerizing Burlington Arcade where I was managing a beautiful little boutique. What a difference it made! I learnt so much there and felt very privileged to be in such a historical and beautiful environment each day but sadly, the little shop had to go under major changes and this is when I decided to take a break from travelling to London on a full time basis.

After a whole week of no commute, I can tell the difference and I feel more relaxed and sleep incredibly well. PHEW!

There are many  photos of Burlington Arcade on my Instagram account but I will share one of my favourite ones here. It was taken when the Christmas lights were lit . You can easily understand why it was always uplifting to start a day of work there.

If you want to know, I never  entirely stopped doll making  and you can still find my little creations at Benjamin Pollock's Toyshop in Covent Garden from time to time . I simply had less time making dolls. Things almost came to a halt for 2 years but I carried on making some litte hands one day or sewing a mini dress another time. Sometimes I managed to complete a piece or two but was more focused on achieving more at Christmas. Below you can see Cerise. She is one of my latest creations. 

I don't know yet whether it is a good idea or not to start this blog where I left it. I guess it will be a nice opportunity to start writing again. My husband and some old blog friends insisted that I should do so .So here I am...with a mind buzzing with ideas and at last more time to bring them to life.

Regardless of the commute and long working hours, I never stopped dreaming and truly hope  you have never stopped to do so either.

Patricia ( forever a Papillon Bleu in the UK).

 (My dear dolly friend  am so sorry we will never have a chance to meet in the flesh but ,I will carry on thinking of you and remember all your doll artistry advice...always...)

Thursday 1 May 2014

Sweet Folly music video clip + Blythe doll stop motion attempt

Dear friends,

I hope you are all well.
It is sweet to be gently going back to blogging and dolly world but most of all, it is an amazing feeling to be in touch with you all and to hear from you.
I love this world where thanks to technology, kindred spirits can be united .
We don't really feel isolated anymore, do we?

Today I am going to show you a little video featuring Rose . Rose is a Blythe doll I have customized but I am still trying to find how to create a puppet for a stop motion project. Blythe dolls are a nice alternative to experience stop motion. Even though they are not very steady.

Also, I have finished the video I was asked to make for M.S Production Sebastien Ragonneau so I hope you will enjoy the result.

This is Rose

Stop motion animation attempt with Blythe doll Rose 

Now, after months and months of filmimg, photoshooting and ...well...everything !The video Sweet Folly is now finally finished!

I hope you will like the song and how our worlds have nicely blended together.
Sebastien and I have never met in the flesh, nor have I ever met the singer .
Just as I said, the internet can sometimes help create magic!

Keep on dreaming my dear friends!

Saturday 5 April 2014


Hello dear friends,

To begin with , a big BIG thank you for your kind word and support on my last post.
I try to visit everyone each time I can but I have to confess that since I have been Facebooking, blogging has suffered a lot.

I am slowly getting back on the creative path with a lovely video project for a beautiful song. A little Pullip doll will come to life for the occasion but the process is very time consuming. I cannot wait to finish it and show you!

Here is RED, you might rememeber her from another post here, and who is starring in the video.
She is very photogenic!

I have played with her in the little woods.
Can you feel the magic around her?

She is super cute amongst the flowers as well

My hands are not on a sculpting mode at the moment but my mind is buzzing with a new Blythe customisation project .

The little doll arrived this morning and I cannot wait to start working on her. I have never customized a doll before. I usually create them from scratch as you know. In the meantime, I have had fun taking picture of this little Rose. I hope you will like her too.

You know, sadly, some people have tried to crush me but you know what? My art will always be here to remind me of you I am. The REAL me. the one that my husband supports and that YOU seem to see. Whoever has a heart darkened with anger and their own unhappiness will always try to drag you down in their own misery.
Fortunately , I have forged my own wings and have been able to fly away from all this and as long as I am loyal and true to who I am, whatever happens, I will fly.
Never let anybody try to spill their dirt on you.
Be strong.
Remember who you are.
Keep on smiling.
Keep on creating.
Keep on dreaming...
... and you will remain invincible.

Love and light to all of you.

Papillon Bleu.

Monday 16 December 2013

To grieve and to move on

Dear blog friends,

It has been such a long time since my last post.
Every day things have been in the way of creativity once again and I cannot wait the moment when my mind will be so much at peace that my hands and soul will harmoniously be creating something I will be proud to present.

The last 3 months have been paved with unpleasant events, unfairness, anger and grief. I do not wish to share everything but one of the toughest blow was when a lovely lady knocked at our door one early morning of October...holding our dear baby Harry in her arms...........dead.
It was 3 months ago . Not fair. Why him? Was it meant to be?

I am proud to have been the cat mum of one of the most special, independent, daring, funny and adventurous cats I have ever met in my life. We have loved him to bits and because we loved him we accepted his constant craving for freedom and need of running in the wild each day.

Now he is gone. Hit by a car.
Such is life. Cruel and unfair...
                                              . *
                                                               * .
                                                                +.However, I have never accepted to be defeated by any                                                                  negative event and have decided to move on.*.
                                                                                                                        *  .
                                                                                      * .
                                                              . *
                                                                                         .*+.  So, 2 months ago,
                                                         we let another little sweet heart come into our life.

He is a God sent angel that craves cuddles and gives so much that each day is filled with endless tenderness.
We feel blessed and even though Harry is in our thoughts each day, we enjoy every happy moment we share with this innocent and trusting little fluff ball.

We have done our Christmas tree and are ready to celebrate.

I hope you too enjoy every little positive moment that life has to offer.
I hope 2014 will bring you joy.
Do not hold back to the past.
Move on.
Never look back. fear not and have no regrets.

I wish you all have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Saturday 3 August 2013

Wedding Day(s) and a "Special" Bouquet !

On the 25th of July 2013, Robert and I signed at the registry office, then I went to work!
Unexpectedly, my favourite flowers had bloomed late due to the endless Winter so I managed to make myself a simple bouquet of peonies for our wedding day.

For our blessing we wanted things to be simple and reflect what we value: simplicity, history, literature, nature and elegance (the Bride anyway...).
 So we chose to organise everything in our  home.

  On the 26th my lovely neighbour and I cooked, baked and giggled.

 We had to change some plans at the last minute as the weather forecast had 
announced a stormy and rainy day for the 27th...

The homemade bunting was waiting to play its part but was kept indoors 
in order to be protected from the rain.

 Flowers  freshly cut from the fields were put on the tables.

On the 27th, Robert and I were naturally a little bit nervous.

I chose to wear the most simple dress I could find.
A white cotton dress that would be worn throughout the Summer.
A little tribute to Thomas Hardy who Robert loves reading so much.

Did I say I was nervous?
My hair wasn't going quite the way I wanted it to be, my eyes were puffy and I was running late...

 I wanted a simple bouquet from the fields.
A little bit like Tess of the D'Urbervilles.
(Well,THAT was the idea)

I shouted down the stairs that I didn't have time to cut my flowers and Robert offered
 to make the bouquet.This is how I ended up with the smallest bouquet in wedding history.

But because I found it so touching (and funny!), I decided to keep it and so entered the church beside the  man I love all dressed in white holding a miniature bouquet that can hardly be seen on the pictures...

And so, on the 27th July 2013 at noon ...

...Robert and I were to share one of our most sacred moments in 
the old Kentish church of Saint Mary's in Chiddingstone Village.

 And our union was blessed.

 (spot the bouquet)

Back in our cottage, we had our guests to entertain. 
The sun was boiling hot so we managed to have our BBQ in the garden as initially planned.

macaroons (alas not homemade) and tea

 The homemade wedding cake was just as I wanted (I will never thank my neighbour enough for this!)

I enjoyed my very own Marie Antoinette moment

There was plenty to eat and drink!

I think Marie Antoinette would have had trouble recovering...

 Too much excitement for Harry the party animal!

Keep on dreaming my dear friends.
Sometimes dreams DO come true!

Friday 21 June 2013

Weight loss, makeup and...a wedding!

Dear friends,

I hope you have all been fine since your last visit.

Sorry for not being so much in touch but time flies and I haven't been doing much in dolly or mini world for a long time.
The main reasons why I am not very productive at the moment are VERY good ones and I hope you will understand and be patient with me:

To begin with, I have been on an intense weight loss program lately. I stick to super healthy food and work out 3 times per week at the gym. As a result , I have lost over 20 pounds in 3 months and I have to say I am really pleased as I was starting to put my health at risk with a bad diet and no exercise...but see by yourself!

I have also been developing my new services as a nail Technician and Make up Artist which I truly enjoy and started a new part time job as a beauty consultant for a very exclusive brand which I love a lot as well.

And am seriously starting to be obsessed with pictures like these:

Will probably start moving on to a different style of makeup on my future dolls!
But in the meantime, am enjoying doing makeovers "on real size dolls" and do their portraits:

So, as you can see, I am still on a very creative path, right?

And last, but not least...
I am getting married at the end of July 2013 ! I forgiven for not having created any little doll lately?

I hope you are all well.
Please keep in touch and I promise I will pop in to see wht you've been up to lately!

Keep on Dreaming!