Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee

I am very proud to say that on the same day I have been spoilt with 2 blog awards. Both the same . 2 Sunshine Awards!
These are my Tweedle dum and Tweedle dee of the day!
The first one was given to me by the very sweet Geneviève from Geneviève's Miniacollection and the second one by my dear blog friend Kim from Flowers&Arts.

Thank you very much! Because I DO need some sunshine at the moment.
It is always so nice to see how people care and how kind you all are reading your comments and e-mails.
I am supposed to give this award to 6 other blogs I follow...
I honestly can't...
At the moment I have real trouble finishing a few things I have started.So, choosing 6 blogs ...
Everything here is done at slow motion.

I have updated my boutique with two mini dream boxes but still no new doll .

Oh...I have also found a new shelter for my mini garden gnome who now lives in a glass cake stand.

He loves it!

See how happy he is.

I have already received some lovely photos for our Alice in Wonderland theme.
Thank you for demonstrating so much enthusiasm.
The music has already been selected and I cannot wait to see what you have all done.
Could it be possible to finish everything before the 6th? because it is going to take a little while for me to put the images together in order to publish it on the 8th.
By then,
keep on dreaming!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Dear blog friends,

In a couple of weeks will be the launch of Tim Burtons film Alice in Wonderland.

I am really looking forward to seeing it as I am a great admirer of Tim Burton's work.

It is fascinating to see the impact of Alice in Wonderland in people's art.
Whether we like it or not, Lewis Carroll 's none sense story and vision of childhood has inspired a great number of us.

After visiting numerous blogs, I have discovered so many fascinating paintings, collages, photos reflecting how inspiring this story could be.

So, I thought it would be nice if we could all focus a bit on this story and create something around this topic.

Want an example?
Well, you can go HERE or THERE .

Photo from the film by Tim Burton

Illustration by Peter Newell

So, how about preparing something around this topic? altogether we can make something special as we did not so long ago HERE .
this time I will present everything in a slideshow.
YES! you will all be the featuring stars!!!
If you want to join in , just let me know by letting a comment here or you can directly contact me.
Make anything you want, a doll, a painting, take a picture, have a tea party, make a mini etc...
You can pass on the news with a link to this post.
On the 8th of March, I will make a post with links to your lovely blogs in order to create our own WONDERLAND MAZE and present the slide show.
(don' forget to confirm when your post is ready before the 1rst March because it takes a while to put images together...)
Hope to hear from you soon!

Monday, 15 February 2010

We have a winner and...

I have won something too!


I will soon show you in a Papillon Bleu way what I have won!
Lucky me!

And to discover my winner I have made another little film!

clich here .

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Metamorphosis of a dolls'bedroom+OWOH results

(scroll down the post for the OWOH result)

I had great fun making this slideshow to illustrate my doll's bedroom design page.

I have chosen a song that perfectly illustrates the mood I am in when I am working on the dolls' bedroom.

Do you feel the same when you are in a creative mood?

I hope you will have as much fun to watch it as I had to prepare the slideshow.

(dont forget to pause the music in the sidebar)

I also thought it would be nice to help you wait for the OWOH results if you are a participant.

I will add the name of the winner and reveal what is in the secret box on this same post on the 15th


It is over...I am no longer the Queen of the world so it is time for me to pass on my crown to my lucky winner who is going to fly high up in the sky on her mini hot air baloon.

Concerning, the surprise box, I just need to know you a little more to fill it in with your own dreams...


Back to normality for me.

Well...sort of...

Monday, 8 February 2010

The wind was blowing
And brought home

very special!

A letteR!
But not just a simple one. The entire envelope was decorated with collage and soft water colours.

It even had chocolate stamps from France!

But who could have sent this letter ?

Was it Charlie from his chocolate factory?

So my dear Florence decided it was a surprise for the dolls and that it was for the dolls to open the precious letter.

Inside, there was a beautiful handmade card on which I could recognise Martine! a famous character from my childhood.

But also , Aliénore found a little red parcel and was determined to keep what was inside whatever it would be.

It was an adorable knitted fungi!

And Aliénore put it on her bed because she thought it would look perfect against the red Gingham of her pillow.

And do you knwo who?

My dear friend JOJO CARAMEL who was thanking me for thanking her to be my 70th follower!!!
(how polite we are on Blogland!)
What a surprise!!!
I just love her universe and we have a common obsession with toadstools.
Believe me, if I could write this in red with little red spots, I WOULD!
Merci beaucoup pour ce joli cadeau qui a illuminé ma petite journée de Papillon!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A Fairy Came to Me

In the middle of the night something very strange woke me up.

I first thought I was dreaming...but no.

I could clearly hear a voice in the house...

Where did it come from?

So I searched everywhere.

It was a little voice.

It was humming .

I have to confess that I thought it was a ghost...but then ...

...I discovered a little fairy!!!

Yes! a fairy!

And she was playing in the little theatre from the doll's house.

I recognised the song she was humming: "tea for two...hmm, hmm"

I gently put her in my hand and she talked to me:

"Hello Papillon Bleu! I was sent to you because I have got something for you!"

She was soooo cute and lovely .

She added: " I am going to make some magic before your very eyes...1...2...3..."

"Abracadabra...let the magic be!"
And whooshhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

A lovely box appeared under the fairy.

"This is for you" she said.

So I opened the box and discovered one of the sweetest dolls ever.

"I have come to you because you have sent one of your favourite dolls to a loving home.Anaïs is fine.She is happy and making lots of new friends. Her new mom, Alicia, sent me to you because she thought I'd make you happy too!" said the beautiful doll.

Oh how I loved her as soon as I saw her! We giggled and danced together.

Then , our mini tea room owner set the table with delicious cakes and the finest tea.

We asked the doll what her name was.

She replied in a very soft voice. And little by little, the dolls of the house gathered around her.

Because with a name like this

they knew they would hear

good news from Anaïs.

They felt to be true

A wonderful bliss

As soon as they knew

That her name was Alice.

And this is how I would like to introduce you to this beautiful little doll that I have swapped with a very talented mini doll creator ALICIA whose blog is FAUSTINE & COQUELICOT. This is the person to whom I have sent my little Anaïs. She has also created the lovely little fairy with butterfly wings.

I was overjoyed!!!

And speaking of joy, I know a little girl who has received a parcel that I sent not so long ago.Click here to see who it is if you are nosy like me!

Isn't Blogland wonderful?

Keep on dreaming mes amis!