Friday, 31 July 2009

Adopted doll

Today I received some news from a doll that was sent to France. I saw a picture of a little girl holding her and ... I cannot describe how happy I felt.

Click on the picture if you want to see her!
Bye for now!

Monday, 27 July 2009

The real Winnie the Pooh!

This a card I bought at Pooh Corner. You can see A.A Milne and his son, Christopher Robin ,holding Winnie the Pooh that inspired all the fantastic stories we all love so much.

Winnie The Pooh

These pictures are particularly dedicated to a special lady who lives far far away from the land of Winnie the Pooh and yet, she knows every single corner of his home better than anyone.
She is making a Winnie the Pooh miniature house and her work is absolutely fantastic!Here is the link to her blog : click on the first picture!

I feel very privileged to live in this wonderful area of England, and as you can see, I enjoy playing pooh sticks too!

I enjoy having tea there!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Forgot to show you these

My first 1/12 scale cakes!

Hello everyone! yesterday I didn't have a good start of the day as I had to stay in bed all morning. Then the postman arrived and delivered 5 lovely glass cake stands that I had ordered online . I started feeling a little better and was extremely happy as I had been searching for glass cake stand for a while.

Then later on ,all I had in mind was to find a tea set and plates and cuttlery to complete my collection before I started making any 1/12 scale cake. So, I went to this lovely dollshouse shop at Lingfield.

It is called Lingfield Rocking Horses.

There I exactly found what I was looking for .
I now have 3 different sizes of tea sets!

These are the lovely items I found at the shop.

I couldn't resist taking a picture with my favourite china tea cup!

And guess what?

The shop owner remembered me when he saw me and said he had something special for me .
So, he came back with another little cake stand and a very nice glass jar that was in a very old dolls house.He gave them to me.I couldn't believe it!
Then he offered me an extra tea set ( there was a little flaw in this one you see...).
It was like Christmas!
I thought I had to mention so much kindness as it is fairly rare nowadays.
Once back home, I was completely healed ( contentment) and started making my first dolls house cakes.
Have a look.

Now I cannot wait to make more!

My mini dessert!

Firts, I choose a picture that I like, then I try...
Here is my tiny version of it! the fruits are slightly too big but it was good fun making this!
Like it?

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

So, let me introduce you to the object of my "observations" at the moment. It is called a Religieuse. In French, religieuse means nun. This specific one is a speciality by Ladurée which is a rose flavoured religieuse. The proportions are quite different from a traditional religieuse,so is the shape. As you will see I hadn't paid serious attention when I started making my first miniature of this cake.

These first two are originals! ( of course)
These are my replicas. On the left, you can see that I had the traditional shape in mind and was a bit in a hurry to make my was I with the second two... Then I finally took time to pay more attention and not work in a hurry. The result is so much more convincing!

I am even starting to work on a smaller scale and not far to reach 1/12 scale.
The little silver ball on top of the cake is still a bit too big though.

I'm getting there!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Another adoption today!

I went to a craft fair today in the beautiful village of Sutton Valence near Maidstone.One of the dolls was adopted by a very sweet young lady who told me she would take her to Paris! ( sometimes I wish I were a doll!!!). Here is one of the last pics I had taken from the doll having a tea party in the garden. Let's wish the doll and her new owner avery happy and wonderful companionship!

Monday, 13 July 2009

This is what I sent to Fée des choses for a swap.In return she has truly spoilt my dolls with lollies ( previuous message) and wonderful cakes. Take a look at her blog it is full of sweets to wear and other fascinating creations! These pictures were sent to me by Fée des choses when she received her parcel.( she's got a good camera and a huge heart).
Tonight I am celebrating Bastille day on my French blog in my own way.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Spoilt dolls

My dolls have been spoilt lately ( as you can see on the pictures above!). It was for a swap.A lovely lady made these lollies and many other "gourmandises" for them. You can see it all on my French blog is all written in French.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Thank you!

I would like to send a very special thank you to the people from the French school La Marelle in Dartford who invited me to exhibit my mini world at their school fête. It was such a wonderful feeling for me to speak French all day long!
The fête was organised to celebrate Bastille day and there were lots of little French flags around me and French hits were played all day . I felt as if I were back in my country for a little while.
People also had lots of questions about my mini cakes and it was nice to share some of my tips with them.

A new doll was adopted today by a lovely little girl. Hope the doll will bring her happiness and lots of fun!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

New cake stands

I was walking in the lovely streets of Sevenoaks today when I saw a lovely cake stand in a window. It is made of glass and it is quite a small one ( 16cm/6.5 inches). I fell in love with it instantly! Then I went to a dolls house shop in Lingfield and had a lovely chat with the owner.I found the tiny little stand that you can see. It is actually a cheese stand but all I could think of was my mini cakes (even though this is a 1/12 size one). I found something to put in it before I can make the smallest cake I've ever made!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

My new mini Ladurée Saint Honoré

I have left my pen so you can see the size of it. It is tiny and yet, it is still bigger than doll's house food. These are for my dolls tea parties!

These are the 2 original pastries . On top, the strawberry Saint Honoré.
Below the raspberry Saint Honoré.

Here I think my strawberries are abit too big :-(

I think that now I can go to London and have a real one.I don't even know what it tastes like!
Do I diserve it?

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Here are the last pics of my Marie -Antoinette

I have to confess that I am a bit mad about my last doll. It was such a hard work to make her. As you have seen, I have spoilt her. I have no intention to sell her at all! I love her to much! Do you think I should try to make another one for my next craft fair?
I am also working in parallel on the theme of Ladurée Pâtisserie. It is rather challenging but I like it. I am trying a miniature Saint Honoré and am going to make some macarons which are very trendy in Paris with Ladurée.
Let me know if you like the pictures!
Take care!