Sunday, 27 February 2011

Mini special ladies

Sometimes, I shrink my blog fellows!

Whether it is for a birthday or a swap , it is fun to absorb a bit of their universe and convert it into a little doll!

Flo was nice to accept a swap and as a thank you I metamorphosed her into a cloth doll!

Her universe is so colourful and bubbly!

She blogs about our swap on her bLog here

do you remember our sweet mini Vanessa who celebrated her birthday in our ParTEA Room?
She is leading a wonderful life in Arizona!
Wonna see?
Just click on the photo below and you will be transported to a whole new magical world.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

He is back!!!!

Hey! Look who's returned from his very long holiday in France!!!! I thought for a little while that he had forgotten about good old England and the cottage.

He came back with delightful gifts made by "my" Jojo Caramel.

Isn't everything just adorable?

But most of all, Edward came back with a diploma!!!

He is now a Doctor in Fishing and Leisure!

Some in the house did not totally get what a Phd was about...

But then, Doctor Edward said he could no longer wait to go in the garden!

So I put on my special garden exploring gear and went outside with him.

He ran accross the garden! I'd never seen him so excited! It was as if he was attracted by something he couldn't resist!!!

And indeed, he'd smelt it.

He knew it was here.

Doctor Edward knew Spring was starting to show a bit of itself in a rather shy way, but still...a tiny piece of Spring was here.


(Now, it is time for Edward and I to choose a little something to send to say thank you)

Saturday, 19 February 2011

The little orphans

Here they are those little orphans whose photos have been discovered in a very curious way.

From the left to the right:
Back row: Solange, Marie, Florence, Astrid
Front row: Gabrielle, Charlotte, Elisa

Marie doesn't regularly write in her little diary but what she has written is fascinating, sad and funny. She likes to draw and to take photos. As you can see on the photo below she needs to practise but, who doesn't? hmm?

( Ok, it will take me a little while to finish the actual story BUT not too long as I have just finished to make the dolls)

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Aliénore and... a winner!

Today, I heard Aliénore's voice calling from the garden.

She was so excited as she had found a beautiful puple crocus!

Then we spotted a yellow one!

Aliénore was over the moon!

But one of the best discoveries was the daffodils.

There is hope back in the garden my friends!

Also, today is ZE day when I reveal the winner of this OWOH event.

It has been a wonderful ride from blog to blog, discovering new universes, new people and new friends!

And OoooOh! Look!!! There are over 300 followers now!

Thank you to have joined my little universe.

OK, now...random generator...sorry I don't know how to copy and paste the image of the result BUT the number that came out was 109 which is


The little doll who loves to party and drink Tequila is flying to Canada!

(You'd better behave girl!)

Friday, 4 February 2011

The Orphans of Sainte Cécile

Dear blog friends during this very busy time of OWOH,
I am happy to discover new blogs and meet new blog friends.

As I promised, here is an extract of the diary found recently.
It is written in French so I thought I would translate it for you.
In fact, I am translating the whole journal and...
puting it into a book!


It is time cosuming but I cannot wait to share with you the journal of Marie, little girl aged 9 in an Orphanage called Sainte Marie .

I won't tell toooOooOOooo much but I am excited to share the news with you as the idea of this story started here on Blogland.

"25th September 1939
The holidays are over, but Miss Rochefort is a very interesting Teacher. She is so nice that I even want to like mathematics!
Solange has become my best friend. Her bed is near mine in the dormitory. Solange has never known her father and says her mother use to work in a circus. One day, the magician made her disappear and since then she’s never reappeared! I don’t really know what to think..."

I would be extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemely happy to hear what you think.

Much love to you all dear blog friends!