Saturday, 23 June 2012

And the winner is...( Aliénore's Birthday more gifts!+draw out!)

Dear blog friends,

Aliénore and Iwould like to thank everydody for their wonderful posts and adorable comments during Aliénore's birthday blog party.
In fact...Here is Aliénore's little Thank you card...

Also, I would like to apologies to the lovely blog friends whose posts have been missed.
It happens that I had to travel for my job at the same time as Aliénore's birthday blog event and things didn't really happen according to plan...

I also noticed that for a very strange reason, the video I made for the occasion was never published at the time...
So, here it is in case you didn't get a chance to see it.

Here are also the links to the great posts I had missed...soooooooooooo sorry...

The very talented Cute amalia

The ever so sweet Shashi

And the lovely Rhissana

Some of you have been too kind to Aliénore and have sent extraordinary  presents!Here is another video.

I was still receiving gifts yesterday!
This one is from the sweetest girl, Lore of Mini Bulles who made a doudou especially for Aliénore!

I know what you are waiting for!
The winner of a Papillon Bleu UK doll  !!!
Who will it be?
So, here are the names I have throuwn into the hat!

And the winner is...

(Random numbers generated Jun 23 2012 at 22:9:43 by  )

So Congratulations to

Cute Amalia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just contact me and let me know if you want an Aliénore made for you or something else.

I hope you've had fun once again for Aliénore's 3rd birthday that seems to be never ending.

Love to all ad see you again for more dolly stuff!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Aliénore's 3rd Birthday part II...The Château!

 Dear friends,
Aliénore and I are back from our trip in France .First of all, we would like to thank you for all the beautiful posts and the priceless gifts you have prepared especially for this little mistchievous doll.
There are no words to describe how moved I was to see all the time you have all spent to celebrate the event. You are FANTASTIC people and I wish I could visit you all individually to spend some time with you and thank you properly.

As I told you, my little cloth friend had no idea that she would cross the Channel for her birthday and what a surprise it was!We have brought back lots of pictures to share with you.

First, Aliénore spent some time in Paris. It was raining a little, but we didn't care and were happily humming Singing in the Rain while walking on the loooooooong Boulevard Haussmann.

We had fun in a shop of the Galleries Lafayettes! 
Aliénore loves it when they let her play with the toys. No matter how posh the shop can be.

 Then, we went to the absolutely extraordinary Butte Montmartre
(my favourite Parisian place ever)
Aliénore is on the steps of Amélie Poulain.

Then we went up...and up...

And up there we made a lovely encounter...

We met Alice who was a little drummer girl gathering funds for the association of the drummer children of the Butte Montmartre.
Of course, we gave a little contribution with Aliénore.

Then we had to leave because we were going to a very special place...

A beautiful Château!

 Our bedroom.
Aliénore was jumping a bit everywhere when she realised that we weren't on our own in the bedroom.
"But who is this???" she said, pointing at a cute little doll who was smiling at us.

 "Happy birthday Aliénore!!", said the little doll, "My name is Cati and I am your special birthday friend. Will you play with me?"

Aliénore was delighted, thrilled, overjoyed!!!

So they went outside ...
They looked at the grounds and realised that that very moment, they were the luckiest little dolls in the whole universe!

Aliénore was fascinated by a ladybird . She asked me if it was a sign of luck?
We just thought we could share it with you.
Aliénore was extremely happy and loved every moment spent in the castle.

Little by little the night was starting to spread her long dark and glittery cover.

So they went inside the castle.
It was like in a a dream.

There were sweets everywhere!

Then it was all dark.
Time for a story?
OK...Why not...
But one only!

It is very late.

Time to go to bed.

Good night Cati, good night Aliénore.

Now you know how I kept my promise to Aliénore that one day she would live like a princess. 
A real one.

And you also know how she spent her third birthday and made new friends.
I hope you have enjoyed our souvenir pictures.
And once again, thank you so much for having been part of the adventure.

Soon, we will draw out the name of a winner for the Papillon Bleu UK doll.

Looking forward to hearing from you.