Saturday, 3 August 2013

Wedding Day(s) and a "Special" Bouquet !

On the 25th of July 2013, Robert and I signed at the registry office, then I went to work!
Unexpectedly, my favourite flowers had bloomed late due to the endless Winter so I managed to make myself a simple bouquet of peonies for our wedding day.

For our blessing we wanted things to be simple and reflect what we value: simplicity, history, literature, nature and elegance (the Bride anyway...).
 So we chose to organise everything in our  home.

  On the 26th my lovely neighbour and I cooked, baked and giggled.

 We had to change some plans at the last minute as the weather forecast had 
announced a stormy and rainy day for the 27th...

The homemade bunting was waiting to play its part but was kept indoors 
in order to be protected from the rain.

 Flowers  freshly cut from the fields were put on the tables.

On the 27th, Robert and I were naturally a little bit nervous.

I chose to wear the most simple dress I could find.
A white cotton dress that would be worn throughout the Summer.
A little tribute to Thomas Hardy who Robert loves reading so much.

Did I say I was nervous?
My hair wasn't going quite the way I wanted it to be, my eyes were puffy and I was running late...

 I wanted a simple bouquet from the fields.
A little bit like Tess of the D'Urbervilles.
(Well,THAT was the idea)

I shouted down the stairs that I didn't have time to cut my flowers and Robert offered
 to make the bouquet.This is how I ended up with the smallest bouquet in wedding history.

But because I found it so touching (and funny!), I decided to keep it and so entered the church beside the  man I love all dressed in white holding a miniature bouquet that can hardly be seen on the pictures...

And so, on the 27th July 2013 at noon ...

...Robert and I were to share one of our most sacred moments in 
the old Kentish church of Saint Mary's in Chiddingstone Village.

 And our union was blessed.

 (spot the bouquet)

Back in our cottage, we had our guests to entertain. 
The sun was boiling hot so we managed to have our BBQ in the garden as initially planned.

macaroons (alas not homemade) and tea

 The homemade wedding cake was just as I wanted (I will never thank my neighbour enough for this!)

I enjoyed my very own Marie Antoinette moment

There was plenty to eat and drink!

I think Marie Antoinette would have had trouble recovering...

 Too much excitement for Harry the party animal!

Keep on dreaming my dear friends.
Sometimes dreams DO come true!