Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The last video of the year, my last creative moments of 2009.

I have kept myself busy like a bee in this end of 2009. I have made a little theatre in a tiny box because if it isn't tiny it isn't funny.

I was in a mushroomy mood so I made... litte mushrooms. And because I didn't know what to do with them, I decided to make this tiny box.

Then, I had a bit of fun with Aliénore and decided to tie my hair with a Gingham ribbon like hers. It was a very girly moment and we did giggle a lot. Then I let her use the camera so she can take pictures herself...OK, the result is rather blurry but believe me it is not very easy for a small doll (I look much better this way anyway).Then we played some music and decided that we had to share something special with you to celebrate the end of the year.

We've made a story for you. Yes, one of those little videos with great settings and special effects. Well... a real Papillon Bleu Production.If you see what I mean...It was hard work. Believe me. It took me several days to do this ( including the building of my Victorian theatre purchased in London.

So this is it. The last story of the year. Maybe the first of the year if you are reading this after the 31st.

I wish you all a happy New Year 2010, I wish you a lot of creativity, lots of happiness and more dreams! I have been happy to meet you all and so pleased to have encountered many more lately.I know there will be more to come.

I recommend you make yourself a cup of tea before watching this video. It lasts 7minutes and 17 seconds.I hope you will like it.

(Thank you my sweet Aliénore for those beautiful pics...)

HaPpy New Year 2010!

Sunday, 27 December 2009

2 new little dolls are born and...a quest...

This one is very shy. She believes she is a real Princess .

And this second one is daydreaming all the time. Just like me...

Meanwhile, I am fiddling around with my pictures to find the photo I want for my profile. Some must have noticed...It is a photo quest (or identity?).How do I want to present myself to you?

At the moment it is this picture that I have chosen:

Behind the scene, getting ready before the show.

But you might have also seen lots of Papillons Bleus!

Or even this funny one!

The first photo that you must have known for a long time was this one where I am wearing my Gipsy dress shyly looking down.

I have spent so much time on the roads from one scene to another that indeed, I have always felt like a ...BoHemiaN.

Sometimes I feel that the road is calling again, that I should be back on stage, but I think that this blog is a scene that I truly love and I keep on making wonderful encounters each day.

It is good to be able to share with you my dreams and hopefully a little bit of
Good Lord! I almost forgot our Tea for Two at the Plumed Pen!
I have bought delicious cakes and macarons from Ladurée
oh! I love these cakes so much!

Saturday, 26 December 2009

What Father Christmas brought me and... I want an elephant

Ho!ho!ho! look what I had for Christmas! This wonderful book presenting magnificent dolls houses from the V&A musem of childhood.
I have been to this museum 3 times this year and yet I want to go back again!
Does anyone want to come with me?
I also would like to share with you a video ( first dicovered on Vanessa Valencia's blog but it is a sin to keep good things just for yourselsf isn't it?).
I is so sweet and happy!
It will make you shout:"I wAnt an eLephAnT!!!!"
As you will see, there is a cute one just the right size for our dolls houses!

Oh!it fills my head with so many ideas...

I hope you are all having a good time.

Bye for now and keep on dreaming!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Let's make a wish!

Thank you for this lovely illustration by Shirley Hughes sent to me this morning.

I absolutely love it!

So, like little Lucy and Tom, let's all make a wish on this Christmas eve 2009!


Monday, 21 December 2009


So, let me check...
1-Snow for perfect Christmas : DONE!

(this is my house!)
2-Parcels at the post office for happy Etsy shoppers at Papillon Bleu UK Boutique: DONE!

3-Pay a little visit to all the new followers to thank them and say how much I am delighted :DONE!

4-Christmas tree: DONE!

(Hey look! this is Chloé's sweet little drummer boy!)

Well, all I need now is to wish you a
MeRrY CHrisTmAs!!!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Benjamin Pollock's Toy Shop in London

Hello everybody.If you are wondering what I am up to at the moment, well, I am trying to put a cardboard theatre's parts together. The result shoud be fantastic and I am looking forward to playing with my new acquisition.



Hmmm...this should be the result...but it is very easy to assemble and I don't need scissors or glue!
It is the story of Cinderella.
I bought this delightful Victorian cardboard theatre in London in one of my favourite shops:


(not to say Paradise for me!!!)

Anyway, I have put some pictures together so you can have an idea of why I love the atmosphere sooooooooo much. I know most of you love vintage toys too.
In addition, I have added a link in my right column (under the very useful blogs and websites category) to their website so you can have access to a lot of information and you can even buy online .
OR you can also click on the link below if you don't feel like checking on the right column.
And here is your little Papillon Bleu video!


PS: They are extremely welcoming there and take time to have a chat!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Surprise to you 70th follower!!!!

Hello everyone! Look!!! there are 70 followers today! and... tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa! she has won a Papillon Bleu gift! I don't know if you remember ,sometimes there is a little surprise:
there was the 20th follower who received a doll, the 50th follower received a DVD about one of her favourite children's author and illustrator Anthony Browne ( my Moochoo produced this film).

Congratulations to you JOJO-Caramel!

Félicitations Jojo Caramel, tu as gagné 1 cadeau Papillon Bleu pour être la 70 è à s'inscrire sur ce blog! La 20è avait reçu une poupée Papillon Bleu, la 50è avait reçu un film réalisé par mon Moochoo sur Anthony Browne et toi...

So what is her gift? Quel est le cadeau?

How about a miniature of your favourite cake?
Que penses tu d'une miniature de ton gâteau préféré?

Click on the picture to discover her universe! Cliquez sur la photo pour découvrir son univers!

And retadaaaaaaaaaa! here is my contribution for Tuesday Tea at the PLUMED PEN
(hope I'm not too late!)
I've presented some of the dolls' favourite cakes, all made of FIMO of course!
(am in a cake mood today...)

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Chloe & The Little Drummer Boy

Today is a Hartfelt Christmas Blog PArty hosted by Kelly

For the occasion I used my 1/12 scale shop and transformed it for the purpose of this little story!
But first, let me introduce you to our new heroïne CHLOE.
Chloe loves Christmas shopping and... one day...
Pour l'occasion, j'ai utilisé ma boutique à l'échelle 1/12è que j'ai transformée pour cette petite histoire!
Mais d'abord, laissez moi vous présenter notre nouvelle héroïne Chloé.
Chloé adorait faire les boutiques pour Noël et... un jour...

And also I dedicate this story to my French blog friend JESSICA who is celebrating her birthday today!

It could be great if you could all wish her a happy birthday on her blog in your language I think it would be a great surprise!!!!!he!he!he!

Je tiens également à dédicacer cette histoire à mon amie Jessica qui fête son anniversaire aujourd'hui!

I also wish a happy birthday to VaNESSa from a FANCIFUL TWIST .


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Ok, you are going to think it is stupid and childish but, I was sooooooooo happy when I received my business cards today I wanted to share it with you! Like it?

Let's see what the dolls think about it...

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Next meeting here

Dear friends, don't forget our next meeting for a Hartfelt Christmas Party on the 12th this month. It is hosted by Kelly at
Still don't know what I am going to present for the occasion...hmmm....

Monday, 7 December 2009


Dear friends, after a few suggestions made by some of you, I have decided... to open a shop on ETSY! Tadaaaa!

Well, I will see how things go. I already have a few dolls for sale in a local store in a beautiful village called Chiddingstone. You can see some pics on my French blog here

There are 3 little dolls that you might have seen in the story that are for sale on ETSY.
I know it isn't much, but it takes a looooooooooong time to create a doll you know.

If you want to pop in, you are more than welcome! and please feel free to give me some feedback! This is a new experience for me and your ideas count a lot for me!

You can click on the button below . I have also put a link in the right column.
If you could help spread the news, I would be more than happy!
Thank you to all!

Bye for now!

Saturday, 5 December 2009

At last!

Hey! Today is Christmas Tea for all the Toys hosted by GInGeR!!!!!!!!!Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I cannot wait to see what everybody has prepared! This little film is my contribution to the Christmas party but, if you have missed the previous episodes, here is a brief summary:

1- I discover that my beautiful Aliénore is missing.

2-Aliénore has been kidnapped, I receive a horrible letter and a picture of my poor Aliénore.

3-While I am listening to the beautiful song by JAMIE O'NEIL I am haunted by images of my sweet doll when...

Ready for step 4?

Now that there is absolutely no more secret for you, well...let's discover if we have the answers to our questions...

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


I have been haunted by memories from Aliénore since she's disappeared...

J'ai été hantée par des souvenirs d'Aliénore depuis sa disparition...

(PS: It isn't me singing as some of you thought...but thank you!)

Sunday, 29 November 2009


My dear friends, I have discovered today a note and a polaroïd.I know now what has happened to my sweet Aliénore.

Firts, I would like to apologise because I didn't have time to do my nails but according to the circumstances I know you will understand.

My hands were really shaking when I read the letter hence the blurry picture.

Then I graded the letter and I fell much much better ( I couldn't help it, I have taught in primary you see...).

So here is what was written on the letter:

But the worse is this photograph.It might disturb you if you are a sensitive doll, fairy, bear or even a person.

What am I supposed to do?I desperately need your advice!

Saturday, 28 November 2009


Dear friends,

I received yesterday delightful little cakes and Christmas candies for Aliénore.

The lady's blog is here (click on the link) Créer pour rêver.


my sweet Aliénore has disappeared!!!!

Now it has been 2 long hours since Aliénore has been missing and all the cakes have disappeared too not long after I had taken pictures .

Anaïs had help me prepare the trays with the wonderful sweets.

But everything has mysteriously vanished ...and where is my lovely Aliénore?