Friday, 2 September 2011

~ Autumn ~

Summer has already come to an end .

So quickly?



And you know why?

Well , simply because now has come my absolute favourite season: AutUmN

Time to slowly dive into the new season with a touch of pink.

The colours around are starting to change into something that warms up my heart and is stimulating my senses!
Does it do it to you too?

This is how, little by little , the Pink Angel came to the world.

Something warm: a rich bonbon pink

Something soft: her immaculate wings

Something that smells lovely : Her rose-like dress with 2 giant petals at the back.

Speaking of senses, the new season is bringing back its share of extraordinary fruits .

Not just extraordinary, ...beautiful, colourful,with rich textures, sweet, juicy and full of vitamines.

Just went to pick up some for a friend who loves to make compotes and jams...hmmmmmmmmmm!!!

I cannot help but feel the urge to share with you these adverts.

Autumn is simply inspiring.
In fact, I just cannot wait to finish this new doll.

See where I am going?

He!he! Well , I am not so sure of where I am going but all I know is where I come from.

It was fun to line up all the styles of dolls I have been making for several years and it just brought a big smile on my face.

What will the future bring. How will the dolls evolve?

AAAAAAaaaaaah dear Autumn, I had been waiting for you!
We are going too have so much fun!

I love you.