Saturday, 31 July 2010

Meeting a blog friend in the flesh!!!! Part 1

Pssssssssst! Aliénore!I have exciting news!!!! You are soon going to meet somebody special!

'Really? Who?' is a surprise, all I can say is that it is a blog friend!!! And we are going to meet for the first time in the flesh! Hmm? What do you think Aliénore?

'Oh my Gooooooooooooooood!!!! What am I going to wear?'
( Ah...dolls will be dolls...)

Thursday, 22 July 2010


One of this toy comes from the 19th century...what a pleasure it was to combine the present and the past...

Some have already noticed a change in my doll making. Do you like it?

Hope you are all fine.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Where is Lize ( Lizelund) ?

I don't know if you are the same but I get attached to my sweet blog friends. Sometimes, if I don't hear from one of you for a while, it is silly but, I do get worried.Please don't laugh...
Anyway, lately, I have been worrying A LOT about Lize from Lizelund. She said she was taking a "mini break". It has been 3 months...
This is what might have happened:

Lize decided to go out for a stroll in the forest. She started picking flowers and admiring the beautiful butterflies.

Lize saw a lovely bench and as she was a bit tired, decided to rest for a little while.

She even fell asleep.

When she opened her eyes, she no longer was on the beautiful bench.

She woke up on a high rock

In the middle of nowhere...

Seriously, has anybody heard from her or am I silly to worry?

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

If only I were smaller...(my first ADO challenge)

On the little glass table was a little bottle with the words "DRINK ME"

And so she did...

She was now 5.5 inches high and very tired by this major transformation.

(am pretty sure Lewis Carroll wouldn't have been offended by the text modification...)

The label on the bottle comes from A Fanciful Twist.
Now, click on the picture below to fall in the rabbit hole and see all the other exquisite creations.
Ready? 1,2,3!

Friday, 2 July 2010

MISS DIOR ( my little Dior doll)

I think I have told you that, I have started a brand new life in a great company.

What I haven't told you, is that I have become a blogger for this same company! YES! isn't it incredible? Little did I know over a year ago,when I started blogging that it would take such an immense place in my life . I have made wonderful friends through blogging and now I can express freely my little dreams all day long and share my passion for toys and ...TOYS! hem...hem..I meant fashion. If you stop here you will certainely recognise the Papillon Bleu style here and there.

Of course, blogging is just a part of all the exciting tasks I have to achieve in the lovely shop where I am working . I work under the good care of a delightful little train going round and round over my head all day long. Lucky, lucky me! Take a look right here.
The VERY dangerous part is that I tend to fall in love with too many things there at the this adorable doll. A Dior doll. Not so difficult to find a name. She became Miss Dior! The most elegant doll of the dolls' house.
Apart from Aliénore of course.

Here she has discovered one of the delightful pleasures of the house: Tea.

Here she is visiting our garden.

Making new friends.

Do you think she will be happy?

On the left is the photo I took when I wrote about the doll for the Childrensalon blog and on the right is the photo I took of Aliénore for her birthday party

( please note that I have received no compensation for writing this as my blog is absolutely add free)