Monday, 9 April 2018

And so 4 years passed

(My dear Evelyn...)

4 years have passed since my last post here...4 years...
4 years of being so busy commuting to London  that I completely neglected what was once a great source of fun and creativity.

You probably think I am being dramatic but to be honest, working in London is quite an adventure but it has a price to pay: your energy, time and money. If like me you have to commute 2 solid hours each way well you probably get the idea...

With no surprise, as a result , I had too little time to be creative . So I opened an Instagram account about 3 years ago. I found it easy to let burst the creative flow. You can find my account if you click here . Unless you are actually visiting from there and I do thank you for popping on the blog. Merci!

I worked for over a year in Oxford Street in a big department store (hated it) and spent over 2 years in the mesmerizing Burlington Arcade where I was managing a beautiful little boutique. What a difference it made! I learnt so much there and felt very privileged to be in such a historical and beautiful environment each day but sadly, the little shop had to go under major changes and this is when I decided to take a break from travelling to London on a full time basis.

After a whole week of no commute, I can tell the difference and I feel more relaxed and sleep incredibly well. PHEW!

There are many  photos of Burlington Arcade on my Instagram account but I will share one of my favourite ones here. It was taken when the Christmas lights were lit . You can easily understand why it was always uplifting to start a day of work there.

If you want to know, I never  entirely stopped doll making  and you can still find my little creations at Benjamin Pollock's Toyshop in Covent Garden from time to time . I simply had less time making dolls. Things almost came to a halt for 2 years but I carried on making some litte hands one day or sewing a mini dress another time. Sometimes I managed to complete a piece or two but was more focused on achieving more at Christmas. Below you can see Cerise. She is one of my latest creations. 

I don't know yet whether it is a good idea or not to start this blog where I left it. I guess it will be a nice opportunity to start writing again. My husband and some old blog friends insisted that I should do so .So here I am...with a mind buzzing with ideas and at last more time to bring them to life.

Regardless of the commute and long working hours, I never stopped dreaming and truly hope  you have never stopped to do so either.

Patricia ( forever a Papillon Bleu in the UK).

 (My dear dolly friend  am so sorry we will never have a chance to meet in the flesh but ,I will carry on thinking of you and remember all your doll artistry advice...always...)