Friday, 25 June 2010


On this lovely summer day, guess who woke up very excited?

'It is The annual Mad Tea Party day hosted by A Fanciful Twist!' said Aliénore.

(And you might now it, but Aliénore is crazy about A Fanciful Twist blog)

Panda Prince heard the news and started making plans for the day.

'You will have to help us prepare the party' they told me.
But I had to explain that I had to go to work and wouldn't have much time .

So the toys decided they would prepare everything themselves.

They wanted something like Vanessa does so beautifully.

So they took a bit of this, and a bit of that.

Their favourite cakes and their favourite decorations.

Everything out in the garden.

It was too beautiful not to go out and enjoy the sun and the flowers .
They took out some tea cups and spoons.
Sweets ...well, just one as it was big enough for all of them.

And they made a garland with some of Vanessa's lovely illustrations.

Later on , when I came back from work, this is what I found.

The dolls were all out, having tea ... a wonderful fanciful MESS!

And guess who had to tidy everything up at the end of the party?

(now you can have an idea of the size of the dolls' bedroom ;-) )

But thankfuly my little frog charming gave me a hand.


I hope you have enjoyed the dolls party. I cannot wait to stop by and say hello to you dear blog friends, old and new .
By then,
keep on dreaming!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE BOITEMOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Voilà Boitémoi! un post rien qu'en français , rien que pour toi!
C'est avec un énooorme plaisir que nous avons mijoté cette petite surpise et j'espère que mon petit paquet ne tardera pas trop à traverser la Manche.
Aliénore a préparé quelque chose de spécial pour Lucette, elle espère que cela lui plaira. Tu nous tiens au courant hein?

On te souhaite de passe une journée mémorable et on t'embrasse trèèèèèèèèèès fort.

(ON=Toutes les poupées de la maison et moi même!)

Il faut excuser Aliénore , elle a tendance a se prendre pour un star et à frimer un peu quand elle prépare quelque chose pour une autre poupée...


Sunday, 13 June 2010

Heaven, dolls' food and a tag

Quite regularly I go to Chartwell which was once the home of a grand man .
As I said, I go rather often there, but this time Spring was amongst the guests.

I truly thought I was in Heaven.

So, I could't help to take as many photos as I could because I wanted to share this with you.

I haven't edited the photos (in the film) at all as nature , you will see, had no need to be embellished nor disguised.

Once back home , I felt the urge to create something.

I was busy like a little bee.

So I baked a few sweets for dolls.

In fact, this is for one doll only...shhhh...

I feel so revived and full of life! I hope you are feeling the same my dear friends.

I am going to take time to prepare lots of goodies as it is soon time for the annual Mad Tea Party hosted by the fabulous Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist.

Then I found out that I had been tagged by a blog friend, Sylvie.

I don't usually play those games but thought I could give it a go for this time.

I have to answer 5 questions then tag 5 other blogs.

Distinguishing Feature: my fingers are double jointed!

Bad souvenir: I won't mention it here on the blog.

Souvenir from childhood: I could spend hours making my own toys with anything I could find. (Think am not so different now...)

One of my flaws: I am too honest. It doesn't always help in this very strange world...

A happy film I'd recommend: hmmmmm..let me think...MONSTER INC!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent for the mood!

Now...who should I tag?

Well, let's make it different and surprising this time:

I am goint to tag:

1) Mangocheeks from Allotment 2 kitchen because she makes the most beautiful dishes and shares her very healthy cuisine made with everything from her garden.

2)Susie Jefferson from 1rst Floor Flat because she is the mastress of the internet. Her knowledge and advice are sooo precious believe me!

3)Sheila from The Quintessential Magpie who is a wonderful and dedicated person and has known how to remain young at heart.

4) Lisette from Lisettesminiaturen who has taken time to help me sort out my Google translator so everybody can read this blog. I am still looking for something to do to thank her but wanted her to know with this tag that I haven't forgotten her.

5)Juliet from JulietK who is a loyal blog friend. It has been a while now, like many of you that we have been sharing creativity,sadness and laughter through blogging.

Thank you for still being here in my little dolly world.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

The birth of Aliénore

Once apon a time, there was a woman who was looking for a job as she had moved in a new country. It was very difficult and to keep her head up, she decided to use some of her favourite material and cotton to make some dolls.It was hard work as she had never made a doll before.

She thought that maybe she could sell the dolls on the market by the time she could settle in this new country.

She put a lot of effort in her dolls and sometimes did some mistakes .
When she made Aliénore, she had forgotten to stich the arms of the doll. Horror!

Then she had absolutely no idea of how to make her hair look nice at the back.

To complete the catastrophic sewing mistakes on the doll, one of the legs was shorter than the other.

There was no chance for the doll to be sold at the market.

But , as all the other dolls , Aliénore went for a little stroll out once she was finished.

She had to be introduced to the world.

During the walk, the woman couldn't help but smile at the doll and realised that all the little flaws of Aliénore made her even more special.

She loved her so much !

She knew that a new member of the family had come to the world.
Such a cute smile and a twinkle in her eyes.

Since then, Aliénore had her hair done properly, both her legs have been sewn again and so were her arms.
The little doll now has a very exciting life filled with adventures that we are happy to share with you on this blog.

Here she asked me to take a picture of her as if she were Alice Liddell...

Funny Aliénore!

So , my dear friends, this is how my sweet Aliénore came to my life.

Since then,as you know, all her little flaws have been corrected but there is no way that I can part with her.

Most of you were absolutely right about the reasons why she was never sold to the market. So I decided to put all your names in a little bol at the shop and waited for a child to come and pick one of the pieces of paper.

It didn't take long before a beautiful little girl enterd the shop with her mother.

She was happy to play the game and we are now happy to reveal who is going to have a personalised doll.

Congratulations to you Tiggy!

Now, as promised, Aliénore is going to write her thank you cards to the children who have participated so I am going to pay a little visit to some of you as I haven't got your address yet.

Keep on dreaming my dear friends!