Wednesday, 17 November 2010

New animation! Need some advice

Dear blog friends,

Could you please do me a favour?

I haven't had sound on my computer for a few weeks now ( oh feels like dying sometimes...) but yet I have managed to add some music to this video.

The thing is, I have no clue of what it sounds like with the music!

Could you please let me know? I haven't put the volume too loud just in case...

I have several ideas about stories concerning my little Aliénore but, I wanted to ask if you are happy to see some more? I know what Aliénore is like but you, how do you perceive her?

Just wondering...

Friday, 12 November 2010

We have a winner...NO...2 !!!!

It has been weeks of dolly making to prepare for Christmas.

Hard work but fun. And I've had the help of a lovely lady called Joyce so I could focus on other things such as the markets, the website and the workshops.

Some of these adorable Mini Susans will soon be available in my
ETSY Store to find a loving home.

As you can see, they all have a little lollipop.

They have all been to the fair !

Indeed, for my stall decoration I have chosen the same theme

as for my blog party, so you can have a teaser of what I am preparing for the event.

I would like to say that I have already received some photos from some participants and they look amazing!

Thank you !
I cannot wait to show them all and to see what the rest of you are working on.
If you want to join in it is still possible by clicking here

Here is the stall at my last market.

So now, all the dolls come with a little something they have got from the fair!

They have LolLies, candy floss I cannot say too much. I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Oh!!! Speaking of candy floss, remember about the giveaway?

So, this is it, time to reveal who has won the little candy floss!

To be true, before doing the video I had to try my little box to see if only one paper would come out. And it worked ! So, I thought it would be fair to give another little candy floss to the first name that came out of the little box and here she is:

YAY! This is it! we have 2 winners!

Congratulations ladies!

Hope you are all having a lovely time.

Carpe Diem my dear friends.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

A beautiful Papillon Bleu day ,a birthday, a gift and a giveaway!

Aliénore and I have been very busy lately BUT, today we thought it would be nice to share a bit of time with you .
Do you want to spend a Papillon Bleu and Aliénore day?


Don't forget to bring a cardigan.

Come outside and breathe the beautiful Kentish air with us!

Lets dance and spin in the garden ...

...until everything goes round and round and you no longer know where you are!
Let's rest for a little while until you can actually...

...get back on your feet.

Here is a little mini treat for Aliénore. She loves it!

Then, lets go back inside and work a little, shall we?
Oh!I think I heard the postman.
What is in the letter box today?

Oh my! A wonderful package from Julie ( My Curious Tea Party)

Such meticulous work in this tiny book! and the little painting!!!!
Thank you soooooooooo much Julie!

Those angels are just perfect for our parTea room, arent' they Aliénore?


Have you seen her by any chance?



Good Lord!!! She thinks she is an angel too!

Funny little doll!

Well, speaking of doll...there is still more to do .
lets go and work for an hour or two!

After sewing and painting, I think we need a little break.

It is the evening now.

Yes...time flies when you are busy like a little bee!

This is fun! I have put butterflies in my hair!

What did you choose to do?

I think the dolls are having a party behind me.

OooooooooooOooooooooh!!! How lovely!!!

Are we celebrating something specific dear dollies?


Ooooh it is Eleni's birthday very soon! of course!

You know Eleni, don't you? A pink Dreamer!
Don't forget to stop by her blog and wish her a happy birthday!

And...what is it that you are holding Aliénore?

A candy floss?


A little gift for a blog friend!!!

What a great idea!

Well, if you want to win a mini candy floss for you or your favourite doll, just leave a comment here and we will draw a name in a week!

Oh...are you leaving now? well, we hope you've had a nice time with us.

Hope to see you soon! And don't forget to leave your comment if you want to win our mini candy floss!

Bye for now!