Friday, 30 October 2009

The little ghost.

Tonight I found a little ghost in the mini tea room.He was shouting "Hooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!trick or treat!BOoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! I want more sweets!!!!!".
Mmmmmm...I still wonder who he was ...

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

A new story

Have you ever wondered what happened to the Summer when Autumn has finally arrived?

The dolls now know...


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Awards etc...let's see who REALLY follows...

I've been truly spoilt with new awards.I've received another of this very cute one, and NOW I know what it means:"this blog is a dream" (thanks Dollmum for the translation).
This award was given to me by my dear blog friend Kim from
Kim is very funny! She is spontaneous,she is generous and takes time to write about every single new person who follows her blog,she speaks from the heart and doesn't try hard to impress! She is a genuine person who shares pieces of her life and her creations.She's got several hobbies and a wonderful hubby!
Pay her a little visit and send her my regards.

I have received 2 of these cute Kreativ Blogger awards.One was given to me by...KIM!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!The other one by Silk Purse from the Plumed Pen
Silk Purse is a wonderful hostess and we have great Tuesdays Tea for 2 there! Pop in for a cup my dear friends and enjoy her lovely creations !

Now the tricky part...hmmmm...let me think....if I have to give a list of 7 blogs for each of this award it means 14 blogs, then I received 2 of the "dream blog" for which I am supposed to quote 10 blogs...that's 20.
20+14= 34
(hey Kim!!!!I am not that bad in maths, amn't I?)

The answer is clear:I can't !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Second thing:I've got to say 7 things about me that no one would really know...

Ok, there is something here I want to say:when I am blogging ,there is absolutely nothing negative that I will let interfere in my blog life so, if I write something not very happy here, I think it will be the only time I will do so .

1-I have been a professional singer for 10 years.I've achieved one of my biggest dreams in life.

2-I went to University aged 32 and I was very scared but succeeded in my project and got my degree in Bristish and American Culture,Literature and Language.

3-I can't have children unless I have IVF which freaks me out because I have become like this due to medical mistakes...

4-I am now working in a nursery.I am in charge of French in Pre-School ( as I am French) but mainly work in baby room ( hence the horrible flu I've caught this week but this you can't guess unless you see me).

5-My mother and my sister live in Australia.They moved there 18 years ago! I can't stand the heat...I haven't seen my sister for 4 years...hence "the other blog" (no...not the French one...)which has been discovered by only one of you at the moment ( he!he!he!).Let's see now who will be the first to talk about it here!!!!

6-I was born in Paris on the 3rd of January 1972 .The doctor who gave me birth was humming some Tchaikovsky.I didn't show my head first but my bum!!!This is how my life began.

7-I've got a Moochoo.

Wonder if this will help you understand who I am...

Monday, 19 October 2009

2 Christmas Parties !!!!

Oh ,I am so pleased to discover that there are so many other people out there in blog land who truly love to dream. I discovered that there is a Christmas tea party organised for toys and another one for anything about Xmas.

The dolls are going to be crazy when I tell them!

If you want to know a bit more click on the buttons below!

Means that I am going to have to create new cakes for the dollies...yes, Chrismas cakes!!!

The first party will be on the 5th of December and the second on the 12th!

Will you join in?

Saturday, 17 October 2009

the 50th follower

A special thank you to from
El PeTit tResoR
who is the 50th person to follow this blog!

I think we ought to send her a little something!

Muchas gracias!

Trick or treat?

We are aware that we are a week early for Halloween but we need to practise...

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Doll Mum's surprises

Well, well, well!We've just received 2 lovely surprises from Dolls Mum's blog!
(I say we because the dolls are included of course!)

The first is an award (I had never received one before) !

It is written: este blog é um sonho!

I don't know what it means but I am sure it is something very nice!

Then I am supposed to choose 10 other blogs...I am not sure this is possible...too tricky!I love too many!

Sorry...I really cannot choose.

The second surprise is a special picture of a teddy panda.
The picture is for Panda Prince so I called him to have a look!

He was so happy!!!!

He said:"I know him!!!!!I know him!!! This is my great great uncle!!!!he was a very famous Panda teddy a long long time ago!Then he retired and no one ever knew what had happened to him!".

So this is it know that your Panda was once a very famous one (whatever he did to become famous) and on top of that we are Panda relatives! Isn't that amazing? ;-)

I think I saw a little tear of joy in his eye...
Thank you Doll Mum!!!!!!!!

Monday, 12 October 2009

My weekly meeting

This is my pic of the week for our Tuesday Tea Party (it will take place on Wednesday this week)at the Plumed Pen.(click on the name of the blog!).

By the way, I don't think I've shown you that the doll I sent there had started a wonderful new life.

Take a look at the pics that were published at thePlumed Pen:

Doesn't she look happy?
I had sent her there if you remember because the lady from the Pumed Pen was the 20th to folow me.
Since then the number of followers has more than doubled and I truly thank you all to be there.
In fact, who knows when the next reward will come?
Yes...who knows...

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Pics from the party!!!

A warm thank you to our friend Bernard the bear in Minnesota who has made this special welcome banner!

This is our mini tea party table. I am actually trying to recreate in 1/12th the atmosphere of a tea party from a Fanciful Twist but it is very tricky...The picture below is only the beginning of the project. I have only made some sweets for the jars at the moment( took me ages and the jar isn't even full!!!!).

I have found this lovely table and 2 chairs at a boot fair.

The picture above on the right is the actual picture from A Fanciful Twist I am working on.I really don't know how I am going to make the toad...and also,I have big trouble finding the material for the table cloth...and the smallest ribbon I have found so far is too big to put around the glass jars (thanks again Kim by the way!!!!).Hence I have said I would recreate the ATMOSPHERE of this wonderful party in 1/12th scale.

The picture in the background is one of my favourite paintings called Theater by Michael Sowa.

PS:Nothing to do with our latest party , but there is a lovely doll to win on this blog.

let's keep our fingers crossed!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

The welcome party!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear everyone,

I hope you will enjoy our little party.It doesn't last long anyway.

I just want to dedicate it to the love , passion and creativity I see in each of your blogs.

I fell in love with this little Prince when I was going from link to link discovering new universes.

Some will recognise those beautiful little treasures that you have sent to me whether it was swaps,rewards or simply gifts from the heart.

Thank you!

Chers tous,

J'espère que vous aimerez notre petite fête.Elle ne dure pas bien longtemps de toute façon.

Je voulais juste la dédier à l'amour, la passion et créativité que je vois dans chacun de vos blogs.

Je suis tombée sous le charme de ce petit prince en papillonant de lien en lien découvrant de nouveaux univers.

Certains reconnaîtront les merveilleux petits trésors que vous m'avez envoyés,qu'il sagisse d'échanges, de récompenses ou simplement de cadeaux venus du coeur.


You should be able to download it to watch a bigger version...

Je pense que vous pouvez télécharger la vidéo si vous voulez la voir en plus grand...

Monday, 5 October 2009

Aliénore&Rosy want to participate at Tuesday Tea for 2...

Rosy and Aliénore cannot wait for the arrival of Prince Charming who is sailing on a paper boat here to see if you don't believe me...

They have prepared this big welcome party!I have taken this photo because they also wanted to be at the Tuesday Tea for 2 at the Plumed Pen .

The dolly I have sent there has finally arrived! She looks very happy in the lovely B&B!

Click here to se her!

Friday, 2 October 2009

A Human , Dolls and 1/12th Tea Party SOON!!!

Since the dolls have seen the beautiful Fanciful Twist tea party they've just driven me crazy every day!
"Why don't we have a tea party too ?Why?why?Can we have one too? Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase?".
So, I agreed BUT, no one in the house should be ignored.
So, I have decided to organise a tea party for all those who are in the house: humans,dolls and...1/12th scale world!
The 1/12 isn't going to be the easiest to prepare but good fun I am sure!
Every day, I bring back a little something for the event...
This picture is only a teaser.
And of course YOU will all be invited to our party dear followers!