Friday, 29 October 2010


I have been thinking about it for months and months and here it is...what? well have a look here!

No music in this video but ENJOY!!!

I have trouble making her stand properly on her feet at the moment but, be sure you will know as soon as she does stand !!!

And don't forget to join in the party . Just click on the pic!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

If you need ideas...

Here is a bit of inspiration for the blog fair

If you still haven't registered just leave a message here and add this badge to your blog!

Hope it helps!

Sunday, 24 October 2010


Hello dear blog friends! I hope you are all fine and that you are having delightful creative moments.

As I have previously mentioned, I would love to have a little ( or big!) birthday party with you!
There is nothing more that pleases me than sharing ideas with you and what was made with everybody's participation on the ALICE IN WONDERLAND or our french week an ALIENORE'S FIRST BIRTHDAY parties was so much fun!

So, I thought it could be nice if we all worked on another theme.

This time it will be to celebrate my birthday.

It is in January, at the very beginning of the year, but with Halloween, Christmas and our busy lives, I thought it would be nice to start thinking about it in advance.

It won't be difficult. The tricky part will be for me to put everything together.

I love fairs, carrousels, Luna parks and I thought it could be wonderful if we all prepared something around this topic.

Whether you make,miniatures, dolls , teddy bears, photos,digital art, collage, painting , write or even cook,



Here is the badge I have prepared for you to link to this post if friends want to join in the fun.


1) let me know here that you want to join in by leaving a comment on this post, and I will put your blog link in the sidebar.

2)prepare something ( or even if you already have old photos ) around the topic then send it via e-mail once ready.

3)Deadline will be 19th December ( the last Sunday before Xmas). It will give us all plenty of time to prepare something and do our Xmas shopping too!

4)On 3rd January 2011, I will reveal a film or photo story made with our photos. It will be a nice way to start the new year with you my dear blog friends and to celebrate my last birthday in my thirties...

Meanwhile, I am preparing lots of dollies for Victorian Christmas Market. Here is teaser of what I have done so far.

If you are on Facebook, don't forget to check Aliénore's page! There is a lot going on there too!


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

In the parTEA room

Hello dear blog friends! You know what? I have had a fantastic time building the new dolls' room that was used as a setting for the animation in the previous post. This very elegant room is bigger that Aliénore's bedroom. The ceiling is much higher which gives it the feeling of a "real " room. I have combined 1/12th and 1/6th scales.
Partially a tea room and also a party room, this room is called the parTEA room.
Aliénore's life has changed a little and I think it is time to take care of her education.
Let me introduce you to her new teachers.
This is Miss Fitt, drawing teacher. Not very funny lady.

On the left with short hair is Miss Turry. On the right is Mademoiselle Rochefort, who is going to teach music to Aliénore.

Miss Turry is going to teach the little doll lots of very interesting things that might help her in her future dolls' life. At the moment, she has started to give music lessons until Mademoiselle Rochefort has sorted her technical problem...

...she has no arms yet...