Thursday, 1 November 2012

I am madly in love

Was I in a coma or something?
I realise that it has been ages since my last post.

Sorry for having let you down.

Just to keep you updated with the latest news relevant to this blog, well...things have been going at slow motion...super slow that it feels like I was suspended in time ...or lost in a twilight zone or something...

Anyway..the new doll's room hasn't evolved much from the last time but I think it is going to go to a little girls' home pretty soon as she really wants it. So, the projects are a bit changed at the moment.

There is a doll in the making ( she is already reserved), I am super slow at this too but am planning to make more pink ones shortly.

There is still one available at Benjamin Pollock's Toyshop if you really cannot wait ( I would contact them first to make sure the doll is still available).

But...the most important of am super madly in love!
His name is Harry and has been in my life for over a month now. I love him! I love him! I LOVE him!!!

But, in order to understand, I have taken some photos of us together.

Yep...This is my little Harry when he was only 8 weeks old.

And this is us bonding.

He is like a little shadow, following us everywhere . 
We cuddle and play all the time!

One day he even fell asleep in the middle of a "tickle my tummy" game...

Of course, he also has access to my imaginary world and seems to enjoy it very much.
One day, Harry chose to explore the dolls' house ( I knew this was going to happen!) .

He made the acquaintance of the owners of the house.

And found the lovely pastries all ready for a party

But he soon felt tired and it didn't take long before he found out the little bed was a perfect size for his nap.

But when Harry woke up, he was in a completely different world...
. see what I mean? 

Now he is 13 weeks old and is starting to look like a "big" cat. I mean...he has lost his baby look.
For you to understand, this is him aged 5 weeks ( during a visit to the house where I got him)

And this is him now...see the difference?

So...big sigh...I am madly in love with this fluff ball.
He makes us laugh and we've gone completely gaga in the house.
It is good to play, cuddle and every little part of him looks like a lovely piece of art : 
his stripes, his little pink nose, and...oh! ...his paws!!!

So...this is it...I am completely and utterly in love. feels sooooooooo good to be a mum again.

Bye for now my blog friends, I hope you too have someone to love and cuddle.

Monday, 13 August 2012

What the...?!!??

Somewhere in a little house of Kent

 Meanwhile next door

(In fact, the photo above is just a pretext to show the cute tiny little
 porcelain bowl I found while wandering on a boot fair in France)

 Yes...a house extention for more photos, more stories and ...future dolls to present!
Ok, now I am scratching my head with this thought:
"what style should the house be?"

There are so many possibilities.
By the way, do you remember how it all started?
Well, this is it, with an old little wooden crate as you can see in this video made 2 years ago.

Since then, there has been 2 more rooms:
An extra bedroom ( designed for the book The Orphans of Sainte Cécile) and the ParTEA room.

The challenge for me is to adapt every object I find into a potential prop for a 1/6th scale dolls' house.
As I explained some time ago, I try to recreate the feel of some dolls' houses from the 19th century which didn't have the same aspect as the modern 1/12th scale.

I will get there.
No hurry.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012


I was taking pictures of Red ( you know? My lovely Pullip Bloody Red Hood.)

It seemed that she was enjoying it....when... the middle of the photo shoot , she started acting strange.
She was avoiding me.
 Pretending I wasn't here at all!
Was she distracted by the little blue butterfly that was flying across the room?

Then, after a few minutes of this unbearable torture she spoke and said:
"When are you going to start making dolls again?"



Saturday, 28 July 2012

Meeting Alice in Oxford where it all began

As the sun is out at last and that I am also on holiday ( at last too!)
Aliénore, her dad and I have decided to go to Oxford where the story of Alice began.
These are some of our souvenir pics!
The University where Lewis Carroll met Alice Liddell and started 
telling her and her sisters a very special story.
Aliénore pretending to be Alice at Christ Church University
The shop where Alice used to go.
Meeting the White Rabbit

Then we saw a beautiful exhibition called Tea with Alice that featured over 100 original illustrations
 of Alice in Wonderland throughout the world.

 Rebecca Dautremer
 (I should have written down the names while taking the pics....sorry)
A giant Alice by Tenniel

 Anthony Browne!

There was also a room with lots of hats to put on to find inspiration!
Aliénore loved it!

Outside we saw this massive building surrounded by very big heads. 
Aliénore got scared and thought it was because of the Queen of Hearts.
Poor little thing she was shaking!

But things were quickly forgotten with a couple of good local sweets,
going back to a safe and extraordinary place,

 where she could pretend to be too big...
...or too small.
A safe place where she knew she could play safely in the garden
while her mum was tenderly looking at her through the window.

Meanwhile, we heard that you too were having tea with Alice and Miss V?

We wish you a lovely Mad Hatter Tea Party!