Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Things to share with you

There are universes here on blogland that are so enchanting that you just don't want to share them. You just want to keep them just for yourself like a child who doesn't want to share a new toy.
There is one I would like to share with you dear blog friends. Enough of childish selfishness.

Let me introduce you to ARTFUL FAIRYTALES .It is a blog that will make your imagination wander with its delightful and colourful pictures and enchanting words.

There is also a giveaway that will end on 29th May.
So, if you feel lucky, just stop and grab a bit of fairy dust.
Click on the pic to visit.

On another note, if you have enjoyed Alice in Wonderland, I highly recommend the absolutely fabulous book by Nancy Wiley. For those who love fairytales and Art dolls.

Click on the photo below to fly to her universe.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A Frog Story or The Wind of Change

Dear blog friends,
I told you I would explain a bit more about why I hadn't been so present here on Blogland lately and there is a very good reason. Let's call it, the "wind of change".
I never thought that one day, I would find a universe out there in the jungle ( =real world) where my dreams could have a "normal" place.
I have started a brand new life where Papillon Bleu can spread her wings and feel herself.
It is a place where dreams are possible, it is a place where children are mini Kings and mini Queens. It is a place full of toys, full of beautiful clothes for mini Princesses and mini Lords.
It is a place where you see mothers bursting with love for their children. It is a place where even fathers and grandfathers return to their very own childhood. Yes, I've seen this very special sparkle of love and happiness in their eyes each time they enter the shop.
Yes...it is a shop I am talking about but not just any shop.
A shop called CHILDRENSALON. This is where I have been these last weeks.
I am surrounded by magical toys and the most beautiful clothes one could ever dream of for a child.
On 2nd March 2010 Papillon Bleu UK universe entered the universe of CHILDRENSALON ( amazing website too!).
And you know what?
I am happy.
And this is my first story for Childrensalon.
Hope you will enjoy it.
All the best to you all.
( please don't forget to pause the blog's music in the side bar)

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Little film to say "Merci Liberty, Mercedes AND Sylvie!"

Things are changing here on my little planet and I have got to say that I truly apologise if I didn't take time to reply to all your lovely comments lately.
The changes are very positive and I will be more than happy to tell you more about it later but first, I have three special thanks to make.

I am always amazed by the generosity of you all here on Blogland.There are so many people out there gifted with such talent that I feel very priviledged to have encountered them.

There is a special little girl named Liberty who has recently sent me a letter and a lovely box in which was something she made all by herself. I was very impressed and Aliénore truly enjoyed the special present.
As you know, an apple doesn't fall far from the tree and her mother, Mercedes, has also added to the parcel several handmade miniatures that I will let you discover in the little film.It is always such a moving moment to discover miniaturists work in real. It is here, in your hand and once again, the Gulliver effect lets you speechless.

The third person is a remarkable artist who makes fascinating dolls and for whom Fimo has absolutely no more secrets. Her name is Sylvie, she is a Fairy...yes, a real one! She is Fée des Choses . You can vist her HERE.She is French but understands English, so go visit her and congratulate her on her wonderful work.

Thank you! thank you! thank you again!
I feel honoured to be able to share all those dreams with you all.