Friday, 29 April 2011

It was a beautiful day for ...

...a Royal Wedding!

(Oh was like a fAiRy taLe)

Having a party!

Making new friends!

(Lady the "Wonder Dog" on the right was very intrigued)

(holding a smelly but EVER sooooooooooo cute ferret!)

Thank you to Alex Ashton for the pic with the falcon

( I just thought the falcon looked so much better though, my face was spoiling the pic.)

Enjoying the countryside.

Today was a nice day to be in England.

And you? How was your day?

Friday, 15 April 2011

Did she just "bandon" us?

Snow White- Did she just bandon us in the forest?

Anne - You don't say "bandon"!!! it's Abandon!!

Snow White-Maybe but...what is going on?

Charlotte- I don't think she's abandoned us at all...look!

Sadie- Goodness me!!!! I think I know! Look!!! there is a blue carpet of bluebells around us!

I think I can feel what she is feeling right now! Oh yes... I can feel it...

Catherine-Feel what? feel whaaaaaaat???

Sadie- ...her heart is bursting with joy and she only wants to share it with us.

(Thank you my sweet Sadie, you are such a clever doll)

I hope you are all happy too my dear blog friends.


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

London Book Fair and...MY FIRST BOOK!

Here I was in the middle of Heaven...OoooOOOps! I mean... BOOKS !

Wondering what would be the best thing to do with my story.

I was diving in the middle of some of my favourite illustrations by Rebecca Dautremer when... I realised I wasn't on my own ... I decided to breake the ice... or did he?

"May I have a look at your beautiful book?" he asked.

"With pleasure!" I answered, "do you come here often?" (silly question)

Well, you see my dear friends,today I was at the London Book Fair and I have made delightful encounters like this one all day long.

You might want to know that I was there with something very special in my bag: my book!

It is finished ! At last!

I went to meet the printer, chose the paper, the size, asked lots of questions and came back with a bag full of catalogues.

Lots of lovely chats, cards given , hands shaken, it was a very exciting day!

The first copies are going to be self-published as Moochoo is also an independant publisher . It would be soooooooo stupid of me not to give it a go,don't you think?

Some of you might be interested to be the first to have a signed copy and I would be extremely honoured to keep one of the first on hold for you.

Please, just let me know by leaving a comment here or send me an e-mail so I will know how many will be printed for this first edition.

My heart is beating so fast with excitement !

I just want to believe something nice is happening.

Biiiiiig sigh...

Much love to you all.

PS: It's been taking me ages to visit everybody lately so please forgive me if I haven't come back to you yet.

PS bis: for those who haven't followed ( not always easy on blogland , I have some trouble following evryone too! ) you can have an extract HERE

Friday, 8 April 2011

Snow White

Snow White was having a lovely day . Edward would be happy to see the house all neat and tidy when he would be back.

She had bought a fresh apple from a charming lady who was passing by.

She thought it was unusual to buy apples as it wasn't the season yet,but you can find everything all year long nowadays...

She went to the garden as it was such a magical day.

And yet...


Ah goes on!

Snow White is looking for a home so if you think you can give her a good shelter and keep her away from nasty ladies selling dodgy apples you can go here.

Have a lovely day!