Saturday, 5 April 2014


Hello dear friends,

To begin with , a big BIG thank you for your kind word and support on my last post.
I try to visit everyone each time I can but I have to confess that since I have been Facebooking, blogging has suffered a lot.

I am slowly getting back on the creative path with a lovely video project for a beautiful song. A little Pullip doll will come to life for the occasion but the process is very time consuming. I cannot wait to finish it and show you!

Here is RED, you might rememeber her from another post here, and who is starring in the video.
She is very photogenic!

I have played with her in the little woods.
Can you feel the magic around her?

She is super cute amongst the flowers as well

My hands are not on a sculpting mode at the moment but my mind is buzzing with a new Blythe customisation project .

The little doll arrived this morning and I cannot wait to start working on her. I have never customized a doll before. I usually create them from scratch as you know. In the meantime, I have had fun taking picture of this little Rose. I hope you will like her too.

You know, sadly, some people have tried to crush me but you know what? My art will always be here to remind me of you I am. The REAL me. the one that my husband supports and that YOU seem to see. Whoever has a heart darkened with anger and their own unhappiness will always try to drag you down in their own misery.
Fortunately , I have forged my own wings and have been able to fly away from all this and as long as I am loyal and true to who I am, whatever happens, I will fly.
Never let anybody try to spill their dirt on you.
Be strong.
Remember who you are.
Keep on smiling.
Keep on creating.
Keep on dreaming...
... and you will remain invincible.

Love and light to all of you.

Papillon Bleu.


DollMum said...

Little Red is very pretty on her outdoor photo shoot, and your new Blythe looks like she is giving you lots of fun too. Keep going, don't let the hard times and mean things stop you being you.

Yve said...

Hugs, Patricia. Just read about your poor little kitty, I was cut so deep when my beautiful furry girl, Minnie, died last year, it was so painful for months and months afterward. Now I just think of how lucky I was to have her in my life. I think that is the way all mourning goes.

Don't know what has happened since but count the smiles not the frowns xx

Unknown said...

Who is raining on your parade? Never mind, like you said, you have wings and you can fly above it all. Besides, look at these wonderful projects! I can't wait to see everything finished. I've been bad about visiting my blog friends, but I'm glad I stopped by today to see all your awesome artiness! xo Pam

Anthropomorphica said...

Dear lovely Patricia, so glad to see you blogging again. Facebooking has done the same to me with it's instant gratification... So sorry to hear that there are some who haven't been treating you well,you are right to lift up your head and spirits and stay true to the wonder that you are.
I can't wait to see what becomes of Little Red and in the meantime here's a song for you...

miniacollection said...

Little Red est géniale dans la forêt.Avec la bouteille Chanel c'est rès bien aussi, une autre atmosphère. J'attends d'en voir plus sur ta nouvelle poupée. C'est bien que tu aies plein de projets.
Gros bisous