Monday 9 April 2018

And so 4 years passed

(My dear Evelyn...)

4 years have passed since my last post here...4 years...
4 years of being so busy commuting to London  that I completely neglected what was once a great source of fun and creativity.

You probably think I am being dramatic but to be honest, working in London is quite an adventure but it has a price to pay: your energy, time and money. If like me you have to commute 2 solid hours each way well you probably get the idea...

With no surprise, as a result , I had too little time to be creative . So I opened an Instagram account about 3 years ago. I found it easy to let burst the creative flow. You can find my account if you click here . Unless you are actually visiting from there and I do thank you for popping on the blog. Merci!

I worked for over a year in Oxford Street in a big department store (hated it) and spent over 2 years in the mesmerizing Burlington Arcade where I was managing a beautiful little boutique. What a difference it made! I learnt so much there and felt very privileged to be in such a historical and beautiful environment each day but sadly, the little shop had to go under major changes and this is when I decided to take a break from travelling to London on a full time basis.

After a whole week of no commute, I can tell the difference and I feel more relaxed and sleep incredibly well. PHEW!

There are many  photos of Burlington Arcade on my Instagram account but I will share one of my favourite ones here. It was taken when the Christmas lights were lit . You can easily understand why it was always uplifting to start a day of work there.

If you want to know, I never  entirely stopped doll making  and you can still find my little creations at Benjamin Pollock's Toyshop in Covent Garden from time to time . I simply had less time making dolls. Things almost came to a halt for 2 years but I carried on making some litte hands one day or sewing a mini dress another time. Sometimes I managed to complete a piece or two but was more focused on achieving more at Christmas. Below you can see Cerise. She is one of my latest creations. 

I don't know yet whether it is a good idea or not to start this blog where I left it. I guess it will be a nice opportunity to start writing again. My husband and some old blog friends insisted that I should do so .So here I am...with a mind buzzing with ideas and at last more time to bring them to life.

Regardless of the commute and long working hours, I never stopped dreaming and truly hope  you have never stopped to do so either.

Patricia ( forever a Papillon Bleu in the UK).

 (My dear dolly friend  am so sorry we will never have a chance to meet in the flesh but ,I will carry on thinking of you and remember all your doll artistry advice...always...)


miniacollection said...

C'est une excellente idée d'avoir repris ton blog. J'adore Cerise et je suis sûre que l'on va voir d'autres poupées bientôt... Profite bien de ta nouvelle vie!

DollMum said...

Writing is always a good idea. I am pleased to see a post from you again and glad that you are still making your wonderful dolls.

rosanna said...

Welcome back Patricia, it's a pleasure to see you back. Rosanna

Shashi Nayagam said...

Welcome back Patricia. Hope you will start creating your beautiful handy work. I fully understand how one can get caught in the rat race ,working in London. I did that for 28 years and my doll making kept me sane😀. Although i must admit driving into London has become a little bit easier after the introduction of congestion charge and average speed restrictions. Look forward to seeing your creations soon.

Wilma Simmons (Empress Wu Designs) said...

Wonderful to be back in contact - and so much more wonderful to know you are creating again. Best wishes, Wilma PS I put a link to your blog on the Art Dolls Only page. Hope this generates lots more visitors.